PS5: a new exclusive is revealed again, it looks very good

Tom Henry

ps5: a new exclusive is revealed again, it looks very

One of the PS5 exclusives of this end of the year, a sequel to a game very appreciated by players, is revealed with a very enticing gameplay trailer.

All eyes of PS5 gamers are on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but it’s not the only exclusive to watch closely. In the coming months, the console will host the sequel to a highly rated and appreciated game. A sequel that keeps the same formula while evolving it to reach a new audience.

A new PS5 exclusive gives us a gameplay trailer

If Marvel superheroes aren’t your thing, and/or you’re looking for another game to get you through to the end of the year, Sony Interactive Entertainment has you covered. The release date has not yet been communicated but the sequel to Helldivers, a very good cooperative shooter in isometric view, is on the way to PS5. To roughly sum up the franchise, it’s kind of an unofficial Starship Troopers adaptation. The goal is to team up with other players, up to 4 in total, to eradicate large alien insects and once again save the planet from this squadron.

Helldivers 2, which will be available in 2023 on PS5 and PC, gives a second wind to the franchise. Like Housemarque (Returnal), which ditched top-down shooters for a third-person action game, Arrowhead Games Studios went for a TPS. A big change that could please more people. For the rest, however, the DNA and mechanics seem to have been respected in every detail for the new PS5 exclusive game.

The key to success in stemming the insectoid threat is to choose your Stratagems wisely. Tools to deploy on the map to help you in your work. This can be support (ammunition), defensive (a machine gun turret to be installed on the ground), offensive (air strike) or special (a bomb) elements. More powerful weapons can also be requested.

Helldivers 2, a game where your friends can die because of you

Unlike other PS5 cooperative games, Helldivers 2 will be a bit sadistic since friendly fire is back. As the name suggests, at any time one of your teammates can be responsible for your death. Either because you ran past his sights or because he mis-aimed when he unleashed an airstrike. “But of course, once the action begins, prepare to die. Not only are the enemy hordes ruthless, but you are not immune to a stray bullet from your comrades in arms. In this case, your team’s priority will be to use the Reinforcements Stratagem to call in a brand new Helldiver, ready to pick up the fight where you left off. You can even recover the weapons that have fallen from your remains” (via PSBlog).

This PS5 exclusive will play more of the co-op card with objectives to complete together. And if you’re hungry for the best gear, optional quests will unlock more loot. But it will be at the cost of a tougher challenge where ammunition will be less legion.

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