PS5: a very popular game confirmed, it’s coming very quickly

ps5: a very popular game confirmed, it’s coming very quickly

Tom Henry

PS5: a very popular game confirmed, it’s coming very quickly

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Your wallet may be empty once again with this new PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One release. A highly rated and popular game will be available in the coming weeks.

Your video game release calendar is certainly already full to bursting, but you may want to find a place for this new game. An independent publisher and developer have just confirmed the arrival of one of their titles on consoles , including the PS5. A software much less known than others, but which nevertheless received praise.

A huge game coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series & One

After the surprise announcement of Immortality by Sam Barlow and the port of Roblox, the PS5 will soon welcome a new game which has made a strong impression on other media. This title is Gnosia. A visual novel of “deduction and investigation” which merges the concept of a time loop, Werewolf with a touch of horror master John Carpenter’s The Thing.

“The crew of a drifting spaceship faces a mysterious and deadly threat known as Gnosia and formulates a desperate plan for survival. The most suspicious teammates will now be put into cold sleep, cryogenic sleep, in order to save the “Gnosia” ship (via Steam). Humans therefore find themselves infected by Gnosia, and it is up to the player to initiate discussions to unmask the invaders. While knowing that the structure is based on time loops where the different parts redistribute the roles of each.

An excellent novelty for the PS5 since its launch, Gnosia has been acclaimed by all those who have tried the adventure. On Metacritic, the Switch version got 82/100 from the press and the player average is 8.4/10 players. And the same thing on Steam where 94% of the 2074 reviews are positive. A nice catch then. Gnosia will be available on December 14, 2023 on PS5 and PS4, but also Xbox Series and Xbox One.

Japan will also be entitled to a physical version on PS5 and PS4. On the other hand, bad news for non-English speakers. Like the PC and Nintendo Switch versions, the texts are in English. The required level would, however, be quite accessible. In the worst case, since it’s a visual novel, you can resort to a dictionary or something.

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