PS5: big ambitions for this future exclusive, it promises!

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ps5: big ambitions for this future exclusive, it promises!

A new PlayStation studio is announcing big changes that should benefit players. A clue for you: the developers have created one of the best PS5 games.

There are now 20 PlayStation Studios and they are all very busy on various PS5 games. And among them, we find a European structure, acquired in 2021, which has come a long way and which nevertheless made an impression with its very first AAA for the PlayStation 5. In the future, the teams should do as well, and even better if we are to believe their ambitions.

Housemarque (Returnal) is arming itself for its future PS5 game

Everyone knows Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games or Polyphony Digital. Three PlayStation studios which have already largely proven themselves, but the latest acquisitions should not be underestimated. In particular the acquisition of Housemarque to whom we owe the formidable Returnal. A PS5 and PC exclusive which is the perfect synthesis of all the know-how of the developers, but with an AAA coating and therefore much greater ambitions than their previous games. And they have come a long way because Returnal was the last chance title, after having already put aside their arcade productions because the public was not there.

Since then, Returnal has been a success, water has flowed under the bridge, and now that they are part of the PlayStation Studios family, we must move on for their next PS5 exclusive. And this is what is expected given that Housemarque announces moving. That’s all ? No, of course. In their press release, the studio declares that it wants to create “one of the most advanced video game headquarters in the Nordics by the end of 2024”. By adding that “These new infrastructures will not only demonstrate our rich gaming heritage, but will also be a beacon of innovation and creativity in the northernmost capital”.

Housemarque, which is already working on its next PS5 game, aims to develop a comfortable and environmentally friendly studio. A place where it’s good to be “attract the best game developers from around the world”. What’s next exactly? Before a potential Returnal 2, it will be a new PlayStation 5 license. We don’t know more, except that in March 2022, the team was at the beginning of the design.

Returnal in its PC version (credits: Steam).

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