PS5 fans discover secret function after update and a big wish finally comes true after three years

Tom Henry

ps5 fans discover secret function after update and a big

Sony has apparently been working on the PS5 behind the scenes.

It’s been a little over a month since Sony released the big PS5 update to version 8.00. Included were, among other things, an ingenious co-op function and the Dolby Athmos sound format, which brings 3D sound to the home cinema. Secretly, the course was also set for a small innovation that fans have been wanting since the console was released.

You’ll be able to check the game library for updates soon

It should actually be pretty obvious to update games on the PS5, but the Sony console has its pitfalls. For example, if you have activated automatic updates in the system settings, they will only be played out until a certain point in time.

We were able to determine an approximate “expiry period” of two to three months:

In addition, manual updates previously only worked from the home screen instead of from the game library, which is why fans have been longing for a quickly accessible option in the game library for years.

Reports and images on Reddit now indicate that the wish has come true and that the PlayStation manufacturer has added a corresponding menu entry to the game library:

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This means it is no longer necessary to have the game linked on the home screen and start updates from there. This wasn’t always the case, as the home page only offers space for eleven games.

With the additional option you save a bit of time and the occasional forced game start.

You can access the new menu entry by going to the game tile and pressing the options button on your DualSense controller. Then “Check for update” appears in the second place.

A button like on Xbox consoles to instantly patch all installed games would certainly be even more convenient, but hey, maybe that’s coming in the future! However, the PS5 is superior to the Xbox in other respects, namely when it comes to cloud streaming in 4K:

With PS Plus Premium you will soon be able to stream PS5 games

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With PS Plus Premium you will soon be able to stream PS5 games

The new function is not available to all PS5 players

The information available about the new feature is still quite sparse. In the Reddit comments we were only able to discover two other people who reported the option, but it seems to be missing for many PS5 owners, just like us.

However, it is entirely conceivable that it will be rolled out to everyone in the coming days.

Is the update check already displayed for you?

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