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PS5 for free: Get a 2023 Sony 4K OLED Smart TV with AI features & free console | Top News

ps5 for free: get a 2023 sony 4k oled smart

You can now order a new Sony BRAVIA 2023 4K Smart TV with improved AI technology and get a free PS5 console.

The new Sony BRAVIA 2023 4K Smart TVs are coming. The 65-inch OLED model for €2299 is already available at MediaMarkt. You can also get a brand new PS5 worth €549 when you buy it. The television will be delivered in the period from 08.05. until 05/10/2023. You will then receive the console directly from Sony.


Secure a 65-inch Sony 4K OLED Smart TV with a free PS5 at MediaMarkt

Even smarter thanks to artificial intelligence

The new Sony BRAVIA 2023 4K Smart TVs offer a range of cool features that, with the support of artificial intelligence, improve your experience when gaming and watching films and series.

With the Cognitive Processor XR the image is analyzed and enhanced in real time. The brightness, contrast, colors and sharpness are adjusted to the respective scene and image noise is suppressed.


The AI ​​also helps with the sound. Vibrations on the surface turn the entire TV into a speaker. He is able to surround sound as if reproduced from a soundbar in the whole room.

Of course, special gaming features should not be missing: Thanks to HDMI 2.1, you can play in 4K and 120 FPS. Through tone mapping with HDR automatic, the TV communicates directly with your PS5 to create the best possible images.

The 65-inch OLED model of the 2023 BRAVIA TVs is currently the only one available for immediate delivery. Other models and sizes can also be pre-ordered, but delivery will take place in June at the earliest, depending on the model.

  • Brilliant picture
  • Strong, good sound
  • HDMI 2.1 for gaming with [email protected]
  • Save yourself an additional sound system

Perfect for home cinema and PS5 gaming: pre-order the new Sony BRAVIA 4K TVs now

To get the free PS5, you have to register your TV with Sony. You will then get the console delivered directly to your home by Sony.

Secure a 65-inch Sony 4K OLED Smart TV with a free PS5 at MediaMarkt

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