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PS5: New DualSense design wants to motivate us with cheeky sayings from LeBron James

Whenever Sony presents new designs for the DualSense controller, opinions are often divided. While some are happy about a God of War look or camo colors, others are rather disappointed with the limited desEsports Extrasoptions for the PS5 controller.

It should probably look similar with the latest DualSense desEsports Extrasthat Sony has now presented on the PlayStation Blog and that arose from a collaboration with sports star LeBron James.

New PS5 controller with motivational quotes

The controller looks like this: The DualSense is black and is adorned with bright designs such as crowns and stars in a graffiti look. In addition, there are various slogans distributed over the controller, such as “Nothing is Given. Everything is Earned.” uplift Empower.”

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The same desEsports Extraselements also adorn the side plates. Although the motivational slogans on the controller are not guaranteed to appeal to everyone, they could at least give something to fans of the American basketball player LeBron James.

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Check out more DualSense designs here:

Will the PS5 controller also come to Germany?

It is not yet clear whether the DualSense will also come to us. Currently, the blog entry only says that fans can buy the controller in “selected markets” over the course of the year via We therefore asked Sony if the DualSense would also come to us.

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At least that shouldn’t be the last new desEsports Extrasin the next few months. After all, the LeBron controller is part of the “PlayStation Playmakers” collaboration, a collaboration between Sony and selected athletes, actors and entertainers. Then there could soon finally be a larger selection of designs for the PS5 controller.

How do you like the look of the new DualSense controller?

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