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PS5 – Official FIFA 23 Bundle & DualSense Controller Leaked

Sony and EA are planning a joint PS5 bundle together with FIFA 23, as well as a matching DualSense Controller Bundle. That would be the third official game bundle after Ratchet & Clank and Horizon: Foridden West.

The bundle was spotted at a USAretailer, who at least already provides the product images. Included here is a PS5 console, each as a disc or digital edition, the game FIFA 23 as a voucher code, as well as a DualSense controller. With the DualSense Controller Bundle, only the package is updated and the game is also included as a voucher code.

FIFA 23 / DualSense Controller Bundle

No new hardware revision included yet

If you take a closer look at the box, you will also see that the new PS5 hardware model CFI-1200 is not yet included, but the model CFI-1116A from 2021. This has been revised again, especially in the cooling system and around 300 grams lighter.

An official announcement of the bundle and the partnership could be made tonight at the State of Play, which Sony will broadcast from 11:59 p.m.

Further information on prices and availability is expected shortly with the official presentation. The PS5 Disc Edition Bundle is probably over EUR 600 after the recent price increase, or over EUR 500 for the Digital Edition.

PS5 Digital Edition with FIFA 23
PS5 Digital Edition with FIFA 23

In any case, the compilation of the bundle makes sense, since FIFA is often played locally with several friends and the DualSense Controller Bundle in particular is the perfect introduction.

FIFA 23 will be officially released on September 28th, at the latest by then the new bundles should be in the stores and a new PS5 drop can therefore be expected.

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