PS5: other big announcements coming soon? It becomes clearer

ps5: other big announcements coming soon? it becomes clearer

Tom Henry

PS5: other big announcements coming soon? It becomes clearer

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After the May 24 one deemed disappointing by players, a new PlayStation Showcase could take place soon, with big announcements of PS5 games.

The PlayStation Showcase on Wednesday May 24 left a bitter aftertaste for PS5 owners. Despite some big announcements, like Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake, audiences seem to have been disappointed with the lack of PlayStation Studios exclusives shown at the event. of gameplay. While Jim Ryan said he was very satisfied with the conference at the end of the event, the story seems very different among the players. Good news, it could be that a good surprise comes to comfort them by the end of the year. Sony would like to organize a second PlayStation Showcase in a few months.

PlayStation Showcase… or State of Play?

According to Ethan Gach, journalist at Kotaku, Sony could hold new digital events by the end of the year. Statements corroborated by theinsider Colin Moriarty on the Iron Lords podcast. He is even more enthusiastic and indicates that a second PlayStation Showcase should take place within a few months. While his words should be taken with a grain of salt, Ethan Gach’s background makes him a much more reliable source. On the other hand, the Kotaku journalist does not clearly mention a PS Showcase. The hypothesis of seeing Sony organize one or more State of Play in the coming months is not extravagant. If only to present more in length Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, expected for the fall on PS5.

Big PS5 exclusives are always wanting

A few days ago, Tom Henderson, journalist at Insider Gaming, indicated that Sony had not played all its cards during its big conference. The firm would have decided not to broadcast several trailers yet ready to be shown. No doubt a new PlayStation Showcase would surely pass the disappointment of the fans… if it turns out to live up to their expectations. The public expected to discover the new AAA from Bend Studio or even Ghost of Tsushima 2 during the event. Eventually, he might only have to wait a few more months. Remember that in 2020 and 2021, Sony had organized its PlayStation Showcase in September … In the meantime, an imminent event should also contain its share of announcements. The Summer Game Fest begins on June 8 at 9 p.m. with a big conference. This will be followed by several shows held by the biggest publishers and manufacturers in the world.

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