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PS5: Secure the PS Plus Collection, it will no longer be there from May

The PS Plus Collection will disappear in May, but you can still get the games.

The PS Plus Collection will disappear in May, but you can still get the games.

Sony is discontinuing the PS Plus Collection. The company announced this in a blog post as part of the announcement of the PS Plus games for February 2023. The game collection of selected PS4 titles will still be available for a few months, but then it will be over.

  • Official end of the PS Plus Collection: May 9, 2023

Now before panic breaks out: If you haven’t redeemed the games in the collection yet, you can still do so by the specified date. And even after that you have normal access to the titles, of course, the prerequisite for this is an existing PS Plus membership. This is also evident from Sony’s blog entry.

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Specifically, the PlayStation Blog states:

“On May 9th, the PlayStation Plus Collection will no longer be offered. If you have not yet redeemed the titles in this collection, you have until May 9th to do so, which will allow you to access these titles after that date, as long as you remain a PlayStation Plus member.”

If you have a PS Plus subscription and have not yet saved this attractive game package in your own library, you should definitely do so in the near future.

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The PS Plus Collection: what is it anyway?

It’s a collection of PS4 blockbusters that, thanks to PS5 Game Boost, run with reduced loading times and a more stable frame rate, among other things.

The games include God of War, Bloodborne, Last Guardian and Uncharted 4. Initially there were 20 titles, but last year Persona 5 removed one game. You can find out exactly which titles are included in the collection here:


Sony introduced the PS Plus Collection in 2020 to make the PS Plus subscription service palatable on the then new PS5 console. Since the launch of the Current Gen console on November 19, 2020, the collection has been available to all subscription owners of the console.

What do you think of the end of the PS Plus Collection?