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PS6: towards a faster release thanks to the abandonment of the PS5 Pro?


PS6: towards a faster release thanks to the abandonment of the PS5 Pro?

What if Sony dropped the PlayStation 5 Pro in favor of the PS6? This is what a new rumor suggests from an insider with often proven sources. We take stock.

Rumors around Sony’s next consoles never end. A few hours earlier, new rumors suggested the arrival of a certain PS5 Pro from April 2023 as stocks of the version are finally stabilizing. L’insider Tom Henderson had heard of a lighter model with an external disk drive. the leaker takes stock of all these rumors and the PS6 is again mentioned.

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The PS5 Pro abandoned in favor of the PS6?

After two years of shortage, the PS5 is finally easier to find. This obviously does not prevent Sony from looking to the future and thinking about its next console. But precisely, what will be the next machine marketed? The PS5 Pro, the special version with a detachable disc drive or the PS6? Following rumors of a more powerful model that would feature liquid cooling, theinsider Tom Henderson has decided to share new information. According to him, the Japanese publisher would simply ignore a PS5 Pro or any model. mid gen to jump straight to the PS6.

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The regular version of the PlayStation 5 has yet to be fully exploited, and it likely won’t be mass-released until the end of the year. All I can say is that I’ve heard more about the PS6 than the PS5 Pro “, he explains in a series of tweets. A new version of the current console would be well planned but it would in no way be a Slim model. Sony would indeed completely stop production of the machine as we know it by the end of the year to replace it with the famous PS5 with detachable disk drive.

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A faster PlayStation 6 release?

A maneuver that would allow the manufacturer to reduce its production and delivery costs by delivering only one single console. The new PlayStation 5 would go into production in April with a view to marketing in September 2023.

Does this mean the PS6 could arrive sooner than expected? Nothing is less sure. In internal documents, Sony already seems to have a release date in mind and it would be at the earliest by 2028. Now it remains to be seen whether the publisher really wants to switch to the new generation without offering a PS5 Pro by a few years. If Microsoft were to release a revision of its Xbox Series X, it would be difficult to imagine that the Japanese manufacturer would not respond.

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