PSN down at home? A tip to fix the error

psn down at home? a tip to fix the error

Tom Henry

PSN down at home? A tip to fix the error

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For the past few hours, PS5 and PS4 players have been making it known on social networks that the PSN is inaccessible to them. A new big breakdown in progress?

Like any online service, there are times when PSN is unavailable due to a general outage or maintenance. In recent hours, players have complained of being disconnected from PlayStation Network for no reason on PS5 and PS4. But there is an explanation for this inconvenience.

PSN down on PS5 and PS4? The solutions !

Online games on PS5 and PS4 have been disrupted around the world. Some players have reported being disconnected from PSN. Inevitably, with the history of the brand and its network, the hypotheses of a hack or a breakdown were quickly made. But in truth, this is not why they were ejected. If the PlayStation Network has become inaccessible, it is following an action by Sony. The Japanese firm has forced disconnections so that everyone can accept the new terms of use of the PSN on PS5 like PS4.

And indeed, if you go to the site that allows you to see the status of the PSN, everything is green. “All services are operational” specifies the portal. Thus, account management, games and social networks, PlayStation Video and PlayStation Store, as well as the Direct store are available. To fix the problem, if it persists in your home on PS5 or PS4, there are several things you can try.

  • SEsports Extrasout of PSN, then sEsports Extrasback in
  • Restart your console
  • If you don’t receive the prompt to accept the new terms of service, the iOS and Android mobile app can help. If you have it, log out and log back in. You should see the pop-up for the TOS (via PlayStationLifeStyle).
PSN status as of August 24, 2023 at the time of publishing this article.

New features are coming to PlayStation 5

If the PSN is still inaccessible for you on PS5 and PS4, unfortunately, the only solution is to be patient. The deployment of these terms of use seems to be gradual, which explains why some can once again take advantage of the service and others cannot.

In the coming months, Sony is going to deliver a significant PS5 update. Support for 8TB M.2 SSDs, Dolby Atmos, further accessibility, there will be many new features. Changes are also planned for the social features of the machine. The Party interface, the groups that allow you to chat vocally, textually and to send media to friends via the PSN, will be simplified. “You can now invite a player to join a closed party without having to automatically add the player in question to the group or create a new group. Players can now send party invites to groups instead of just individual players » says PlayStation.

Accessing friends’ game sessions will also be easier. “You can see among your friends who are doing an activity that you can participate in through the tab [Amis]. The Joinable icon appears next to friends playing a game that you can join. You can join a friend’s game by pressing the options key, then selecting [Rejoindre le jeu]or by selecting the button [Rejoindre] on his profile card ». This PS5 patch is currently in testing and will go live later this year.

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