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PUBG Battlegrounds details its roadmap for 2022: new weapons, maps and changes in game modes

The popular battle royale celebrates its fifth anniversary with many new features and plans for this year.


PUBG Battlegrounds has been one of the most important games of recent years, a phenomenon that was the starting gun for the battle royale, one of the genres that continues to drag more players. Krafton’s title announced its change of monetization model at the end of last year, jumping to free to play last January and getting an excellent reception.

The Sanhok map will return to its original versionThe study has taken advantage of the good health of the game to celebrate its fifth anniversary and share your complete roadmap for this 2022. Among the novelties, the sanhok review It will be one of the most celebrated by players, one of the most popular maps that was modernized by the studio and now returns to its original version after listening to the community.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The new map, Kiki, is planned for the third quarter of the yearThis second quarter of the year will also leave us with a new weapon: the 7.62MM Assault Rifle (AR), along with improvements to the training mode, which aims to take advantage of the flow of new players after the monetization change. Wasteland will also be overhauled, balancing out overly advantageous zones. The third trimester of the year will arrive accompanied by a new map: Kikimade up of overcrowded cities with modern buildings, huge prairies and lush marshes.

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Among the study plans is also the weapon mastery reform, raising the level cap, offering stats, achievements, and more. For the last quarter of the year we will have the renovation of Vikendi, with graphic improvements and new features to the main game dynamics. The arcade mode It will also undergo changes, adding new game types and rewards for playing. If you want more detailed information about the ambitious plans of PUBG Battlegrounds, you have the complete roadmap available on the official website of the game.

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