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PUBG Mobile introduces the Bhola Record sticker in season 20 royal pass

PUBG Mobile

bhola record

Bhola Record Pubg Mobile pubg season 20 ss1 pubg mobile new season 20 esports

 PUBG Mobile’s new upcoming season SS1 ( Season 20 ) will bring a lot of amazing items with them. The item consists of (vehicle skins, gun skins, royal pass item up-gradation,  and many more). This time PUBG Mobile collaborate with Pakistani Influencer Bhola Record and introduce Bhola record Stickers as you can see in the image. The sticker consists of  200 popularity and this can be introduced in the Asia version.

The Sticker will live after the release of Season 20. This is the first sticker of Bhola record introduce by PUBG Mobile and This Sticker also introduce in PUBG Mobile Indian Version (BGMI) and KR. The Sticker looks like Bhola Record face and every time PUBG Mobile brings amazing items with them. The Newly Launch of BGMI in India Makes a big Fam and all of the players got their previous ID back.

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Who is Bhola Record:

Bhola Record Pubg Mobile pubg season 20 ss1 pubg mobile new season 20 esports

Bhola’s record is Pakistan’s Influencer and comedian. He is famous by when his video of 5000 Dharam got Trend position. The Bhola record is a very active and open mind comedian. Many teenagers and Big influencers like him. Bhola’s record is on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Snack app, and Facebook as well.

PUBG Mobile Beta Test 1.5

PUBG Mobile Beta Test 1.5 is live now and available in all PUBG Mobile versions. There is something new from the big Company TESLA. It is a car skin. I Will share in the next update of PUBG Mobile. BETA Test 1.5 Ignition fix server issues, Anti-Cheat, Ban over 10,00,000 accounts and Fix the glitches and enhanced the graphics as well. To download PUBG Mobile click here and enjoy the amazing battle royale game.

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