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Puget Systems replaces all of its Samsung 980 Pro SSDs for reliability

Puget Systemsthe leading manufacturer of custom equipment in America, announced the decision to stop working with Samsung and their SSD 980 Pro. If you’re not quite up to date, this makes total sense in the world, since these SSDs were reporting serious reliability issues.

Specifically, the Samsung 980 Pro are having a degradation problem. There were units that passed away after barely 3 months of use. Specifically, the unit loses a useful life of 1% every so often, to the point of seeing SSDs with 147 hours of useand 9 lit, with a useful life of 94% with only 4TB of data written. While Samsung didn’t see a problem with it, complaints were on the rise and they recently released an update for the SSD 980 Pro to “fix” the problem.


Puget Systems has decided to replace all Samsung 980 Pros due to their reliability.


While Samsung claims that the durability issues have been fixed in the latest update, trust has already been undermined. That is why this company launched an official statement indicating that now all its systems will use SSDs of Sabrent.

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As part of the move, all 1TB and 2TB capacity NVMe SSDs will be signed by Sabrent. This brand was already being used by the company for its 4 and 8 TB drives, where Samsung was not able to offer any high performance drive with such capacity.


On the other hand, they announced an extended warranty. This implies helping all its users to update the firmware of your SSD Samsung to avoid degradation. In addition to avoiding erratic performance of the unit.

“For many years, Samsung SSDs were among the most reliable components in our workstations. We wrote about it and praised its incredibly low failure rates many times, but something changed last year. We started seeing abnormally high failure rates with one particular model: the 2TB Samsung 980 Pro.This was their highest-capacity M.2 NVMe drive in that line, and the smaller 500GB and 1TB models seemed unaffected.

We have been working with Samsung on this issue for several months, and they have recently provided a firmware update that they claim will fix the issues our customers have been experiencing.”

The problems also affect the Samsung 990 Pro

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus-G

However, the problems did not end there. In late 2022, Samsung released its 990 Pro SSDs. Even before receiving the updated firmware for the 980 Pro, we expected this new series to remedy the issues its predecessor had. Unfortunately, the opposite has happened. Despite the initial positive reviews, numerous technology websites have now reported that the drives Samsung 990Pro are showing a rapid decline in health. With Samsung Magician software reporting a drop of about 1% stamina (lifespan) per week.

These drives are very popular and are commonly used as the main drive for the operating system and applications. As well as high-speed storage for project files, so if drive endurance is decreasing at this rate, It is very worrying. Samsung is investigating these reports and we will continue to work with them to find a solution. In the meantime, we have deemed it prudent to switch our product line to an alternate product while this situation develops and we obtain more information.


So we switched our 1 and 2 TB NVMe drives to Sabrent. We’ve been using their larger capacity 4TB and 8TB drives for some time. Since Samsung has yet to offer any high-performance SSDs in those sizes, we’ve had good experiences with them so far. However, our smallest 500 GB model will remain the Samsung 980 Pro. That size isn’t available on the 990 Pro line, and so it wasn’t affected by whatever’s plaguing those newer units.

We don’t often announce changes of this kind to our product line as brands and models are constantly changing, but since we’ve talked a lot about the reliability of Samsung SSDs in the past, we felt it was important to address this. in particular.

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