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QNAP TS-410E, review and analysis in Spanish

qnap ts 410e, review and analysis in spanish

We start the day with a review of the QNAP TS-410Ea unique NAS that has 4 x 2.5-inch bays. Focused on SSD drives and therefore high performance, it comes equipped with the 4-core Intel Celeron J6412 processor and 8 GB of RAM to master them. In addition, it has a double network interface 2.5GbE and video output HDMIall powered by the system QTS 5.1 Of the brand.


QNAP TS-410E Technical Specifications

CPU Intel Celeron J6412 (4 cores up to 2.6 GHz)
Intel UHD Graphics
Hardware accelerated transcoding
Memory 8 GB of RAM (not expandable)
4 GB flash memory (system)
Storage 4 x 2.5-inch SATA III bays (hot-swappable)
Grid 2 x 2.5 Esports Extrasbit Ethernet (RJ45)
connectivity 4 x USB 3.2 Gen2 (10Gbps)
1 x HDMI 1.4b (4K@30Hz)
Dimensions 60×180×254mm
Weight 2.64kg
Consumption Typical: 22.7W
Sleep: 13.5W
External transformer 90W

Before beginning the review of the QNAP TS-410E we want to thank QNAP for their confidence in The Computer Tinkerer by giving us this product for analysis.


Packaging and Accessories

front packaging

He QNAP TS-410E It arrives in a very attractive cardboard box that shows the product on the front and some of its technical specifications on the back.

rear packing

inner packing

Inside, the NAS is well protected by a foam frame and a plastic bag, while the accessories are well organized in an additional cardboard box.



In addition to the documentation, a 96W current transformer signed by FSP, a network cable, a pair of legs to place it vertically and a set of screws for the installation of the storage units are included.

QNAP TS-410E - Transformer

QNAP TS-410E - Accessories


QNAP TS-410E - Front

We now focus the review of the QNAP TS-410E in its desEsports Extrasand performance. This is a NAS with a rather unique design, because with some dimensions of 60×180×254mm, it is really compact to have four bays. It is true that all of them are 2.5 inches and therefore their dimensions can be significantly reduced.

On the front face, we have LEDs indicating the status of the disks and networks, as well as four screws that allow the removal of the front cover as we will see later.


QNAP TS-410E - Side

A side view allows you to see the desEsports Extrasof its chassis, which acts as a heatsink for the equipment itself, bringing its weight to 2.64 kg.

QNAP TS-410E connectivity: 2 x 2.5GbE networks

QNAP TS-410E - Rear connectivity

On the back side we find most of the connectivity of the QNAP TS-410E. in this sense, their 2 RJ-45 ports for networks 2.5 Esports Extrasbit Ethernet that allow aggregation to reach 5 Gbps. They also highlight their four USB 3.2 Gen2 ports and, of course, his HDMI 1.4B video output (4K@30Hz). The latter allows direct connection to a monitor to use it as if it were a computer, obviously under the QTS system, in combination with some peripherals that we can connect without problems to its USB ports. In addition, we must note that its power connector has a thread so that it is not accidentally removed, as well as a Kensington lock connector that prevents other people’s hands from taking over the NAS.

4 SATA bays for 2.5-inch drives

QNAP TS-410E - Front open

As we anticipated, removing the front cover we have access to the four black plastic trays that allow us to install the storage units. Specifically, we can install up to 4 x 2.5-inch SATA III drives, either mechanical hard drives or SSD drives interchangeably. Obviously, with the power of this NAS, it is focused on SSD drives to achieve maximum performance, or a combination of both to guarantee performance and reliability.


Intel Celeron J6412 processor and 8 GB of RAM

2.5 inch trays

Inside the QNAP TS-410E processor is hidden Intel Celeron J6412a model composed of 4 cores up to 2.6 GHz what promises transcode 4K video No problem. We also found 8GB of RAM soldered on the motherboard and not expandable, although more than enough for most users, even the most demanding. Also, note that you have 4GB ROM for the system.

QNAP TS-410E QTS 5.1 system

QTS 5 - Installation

The configuration of the QNAP TS-410E we can do it from the browser of any PC with a comfortable interface, the same that we can get from its HDMI video output. So we have two options that open up great possibilities and make it really versatile.

QTS 5 - Installation 2

In any case, we need about 5-10 minutes to complete the installation, going through an online system update if we have the NAS connected to a network with DHCP.


QTS 5 - Installation 3

After that, we only have to access the system with the username and password that we have configured. Of course, we still need to create the most important thing, the storage system. This obviously depends on the drives installed and the configuration we want to do on them, although we obviously have different RAID configuration options.

QNAP TS-410E - QTS 5

After configuring the storage, we are in front of the system desktop QTS 5.1 from QNAP. This is very similar to previous versions and other competing systems, with a windowed desktop and a top system bar with access to all applications and system settings.

QTS 5 - Control panel

For the system configuration itself, we have the application Control Panel. This allows us to configure all the NAS parameters in a simple and intuitive way, although it is not without advanced options that the conventional user only has to set by default.


On the one hand, we have full control over the privileges for users, groups or folders. On the other hand, total control of the network, both of the two network cards and of Telnet, SNMP and FTPas well as the possibility of managing web servers, DLAP either SQL. Write down that we can combine the two 2.5 GbE interfaces to achieve 5 Gbps through Link-Aggregation, an always interesting function to maximize access benefits.

QNAP TS-410E - QTS 5 - FileStation 5

The second of the applications that we find on the desktop is FileStation 5. From it we can browse our files and choose what we share with which profiles to control access to them. Logically, it goes hand in hand with Storage and Snapshotsin which we can also configure the security of the stored data and access to them.

QTS 5 - Storage

QTS 5 - Help

Help Center It is a great option to have easy access to the system documentation and to online support to resolve any questions that may arise in the use of the NAS.


QNAP TS-410E - QTS 5 - AppCenter

As it cannot be missing in a modern NAS, we see in the review of the QNAP TS-410E we have an app store called App Center. In it we find a large number of applications for all needs, expanding the basic functionality of a NAS to levels almost of a PC. We must highlight the possibility of installing various CMS for the creation of web pages hosted on the NAS with prestashop, Joomla either WordPress. Likewise, we have download managers, media servers as PLEX, surveillance software compatible with IP cameras or application containers (Docker) with which to virtualize applications.

QTS 5 - AppCenter

QTS 5 - App Center 2

QTS 5 - Virtualization

Speaking of virtualization, we must point out that with its 4-core processor we can virtualize systems with no problems. vmware, Hyper V either XenServer. Obviously, they won’t offer the performance of a standalone system, but they are ideal for testing different system configurations and running applications on them.

QTS 5 - Malware remover

An application that is not installed by default but that is recommended to us as soon as the system is initialized is Malware Remover. It is vital that our data does not contain any type of malware that could infect the system or the rest of the data, so it is essential to protect it from the first minute.


QTS 5 - Security Counselor

This goes hand in hand Security Counselorwhich allows you to activate the antivirus or even a firewall for a higher level of protection against network attacks.

QTS 5 - myQNAPcloud

We can’t stop talking about myQNAPCloud, the application that allows us to configure the QNAP cloud. This allows us to access our NAS from anywhere in the world, something that obviously exposes it to external attacks, but also access to our data globally.

QNAP TS-410E - QTS 5 - Plex

Finally, note that we can set up a server PLEX, that is, having our own personal “Netflix” with the multimedia files on our NAS. This also allows access to services such as Disney, Netflix, Amazon or other platforms, so we can centralize the multimedia offer in a single application. In addition, with the power of its processor, in the QNAP TS-410E can hardware transcode video on the fly. Thanks to this, we can change the resolution of the files to adapt it to what we need in each situation. A clear example, accessing a movie stored on our NAS from our smartphone from anywhere in the world at a lower resolution than the original so as not to consume as much data.


QNAP TS-410E - QTS 5 - Menu


QNAP TS-410E - Tests

We conclude the review of the QNAP TS-410E highlighting that we are facing a very powerful NAS focused on the home or small businesses, but above all on very demanding users. That is why it combines the power of its Intel Celeron J6412 processor 4 core with the four 2.5-inch bays Ideal for SSD drives. Also, I’m dual 2.5 GbE network card promises prompt access to data, while its 8GB of RAM They are ideal for users who are looking for virtualization, be it systems or applications (docker). Nor can we fail to highlight his HDMI video output that allows you to turn it into a multimedia center or a mini-PC.

We can find for sale the QNAP TS-410E around 1100 eurosa price that can scare everyone and everyone, but that is justified by the power of its processing and the versatility of its QTS 5.1 system that it boasts.

Main advantages
+ Excellent performance and efficiency of the Intel Celeron J6412
+ 4 2.5” SATA bays
+ 2 2.5 GbE interfaces with link-aggregation (5 Gbps)
+ HDMI video output with mini-PC or media center function
+ 4 USB 3.2 Gen2 ports
+ Very robust and versatile QTS 5.1 system
+ Very complete app store
Negative Aspects
very high price

From The Computer Tinkerer we grant him the Gold Award to NAS QNAP TS-410E.


Gold Award

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