Quantic Dream Approaches Star Wars Eclipse Development With Record Profits and Huge Growth

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QuanticDream It has been at the center of all eyes since we learned at The Game Awards 2021 what would be its new game, set in the George Lucas universe, Star Wars Eclipse. However, this would not be the only project that the popular studio would be working on, which would be immersed in the production phase of three titles.

Detroit: Become Human has sold over 6.5 million copies.In a press release, the study has shared the good health in which they are after achieving some record numbers for the third consecutive year, with 5.8 million euros of profits in 2021: “Our good financial results are supported by the robust sales of our catalog of titles, and especially Detroit: Become Human, which exceeded the symbolic number of one million copies sold on Steam during the year 2021. This title represents the biggest commercial success of Quantic Dream, with over 6.5 million copies sold on PC and PS4 worldwide”, celebrated Guillaume de Fondaumière, general manager at Quantic Dream.

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The good financial results, the commercial success of its latest games and the development of its ambitious new projects have also been reflected in the size of your templatehaving grown over 50% in 2021. The studio would also have been involved in different production collaborations.

The Quantic Dream workforce has grown by 50% and they continue to hire“After a year of expanding our workforce, we have opened a second cycle of contracts for our two production centers for Montréal and Paris“, shared Sophie Buhl, director of production at Quantic Dream. “In a constant effort of innovation, we are opening ourselves to new challenges and types of games, and we will continue to put a great effort in research and development. This situation provides big opportunities for those who wish to work in innovative and ambitious projectswith diverse teams that are increasingly being led by women”.

The studio founded by David Cage He would also have been actively involved with independent studies such as Parallel Studio or Red Thread Games, creators of Dustborn, a narrative adventure published by Quantic Dream. If you have not yet played the latest adventure from the creators of Heavy Rain, remember that at Esports Extras you have our analysis of Detroit: Become Human available.

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