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Quantic Dream reviews its best and worst moments: “it’s sad when you read things that aren’t true”

David Cage, speaking to Esports Extras, recalls some of the toughest situations in the studio.

Detroit: Become Human

Esports Extras has been one of the studies invited to the celebration of the Quantic Dream 25th Anniversary, the studio behind hits like Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain or Detroit Become Human. In an exclusive interview with founder and CEO David Cage, we take a look back at some of the team’s best and worst moments. Speaking of the most bittersweet moment, Cage was clear about it: the accusations of harassment that Le Monde and Mediapart faced in court, being declared innocent in 2021.

There are sad moments when you read certain things in the press and you know that they are not true at allDavid Cage“There are sad moments when you read certain things in the press and you know they’re not true at all,” recalls Cage, “and you talk to your team about it and they tell you the same thing: none of it is true. And yes, it’s sad. No I know why people have to tell these kinds of stories. What can you do about it? You try to explain to people who you are, you try to uphold the values ​​that have defined you for 25 years and you try to explain that your team is there too, they are very united and committed to the study, something that would not be true if Quantic Dream was not the right place to be in. But yes, it was definitely a sad time“, he concluded.

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But he was not left alone with the most delicate moment of the team: Cage wanted to keep some moments that have marked him as an artist and boss of one of the most important development teams on the continent: “When I look at the past 25 years, things have happened so good and positive in our crazy trip, not only for me, but for the studio, which has been wonderful to share with everyone (…) I guess the first meeting with David Bowie was a magical moment. Or the first time we saw our game in a store was also unforgettable: you spend so many years working on something and suddenly you see it in a store and it’s an incredible feeling.”

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David Cage, who worked in the music industry before becoming a video game developer, was also very impressed when he visited one of the great Beatles temples in London: “I would also say the recording of the Heavy Rain soundtrack at Abbey Road Studios in the UK with an orchestra playing the soundtrack. I was the only one from the studio who was there with the musicians and it seemed like they were playing for me and it was an amazing moment. Having Elliot Page and William Dafoe was amazing too. and honestly, the relationship with all the actors in general and with those from Detroit in particular was just wonderful. I remember unforgettable moments with the actor of Connor and Hank on the set.”

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He didn’t forget the fans: “Also times when we meet our
followers. Honestly, the gaming community is truly amazing.
and every time we spend time with the players are my favorite moments and
pleasant to talk with them, spend time with them and know what they think of our games. There are a few moments, but there are many more”. Check out our report on the Quantic Dream offices to learn about the history of the studio, on a journey that has taken us through the past, present and future of the now French publisher.

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