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Quentin Tarantino sneaks into Resident Evil 4 Remake

With Resident Evil 4 Remake already on sale, it is impossible not to think about hidden easter eggs and references to other works. If we already talked about 10 things you should know before playing, today we want to tell you that Tarantino has slipped into the game in the shape of an easter egg. don’t worry there will be no unforeseen spoilers in this news.

Tarantino’s easter egg in Resident Evil 4 Remake

He easter egg takes place during one of the game’s requests, which are optional side quests. In one of them we will have to approach a special enemy and, in doing so, Leon will use a very characteristic phrase:


“I’m going to practice medieval with your asses” is a direct reference to Pulp Fiction (1994). In it, in a very specific scene, one of the characters says “We will practice medieval with your ass” (I’mma get medieval on your ass in the original, singular and closest to the location of the easter egg). Although in one case the thing is more dodgy than the other, in both they refer to destroy completely tosomeone.


This particular easter egg does nothing but remind us of the “See you around” which, in USAwith an American accent, Leon would say aloud in the original when blowing up an enemy. Yes, it could also be said with the dubbing in Spanish, but logically the reference to Terminator is lostwith Schwarzenegger saying the phrase also in USAwith a Yankee accent.

A grand reimagining of a timeless classic

Resident Evil 4 Remake it’s all a game. It is one of the best, most intense and most varied action adventures that we have been able to enjoy in recent years. A title that does not allow us to get bored for a single second and that does not stop delighting us with new situations and exquisitely designed combats full of possibilities. In addition, the enormous number of changes, novelties and surprises that it brings with it makes it tremendously enjoyable regardless of whether or not we have played the originalfinding a perfect balance between the new and the old that works wonderfully”, we concluded in our analysis. Remember that our guide with the best tips and tricks is now available.


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