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R-Type Final 3 Evolved is coming to Europe on April 28

R-Type is one of the series shmup The most veteran and iconic horizontals of the genre, which has been putting us to the test for decades with its demanding and challenging levels. Now, NIS America has finally announced that R-Type Final 3 Evolved for PlayStation 5 will launch in Europe on April 28, a month after it opens in Japan, where the title will hit stores on March 23. For their part, in the United States they will have to wait until April 25 to get hold of it.

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A new version with multiple novelties

The title is based on R-Type Finale 2 and adds improved graphics with Unreal Engine 5, adds more than 100 ships that we can pilot, has seven completely new phases designed by Kazuma Kujoglobal leaderboards, compatibility with PS VR2 to show us the takeoff sequences in virtual reality, a new multiplayer mode and an interactive space where we can enjoy mini-games and meet other players.

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R-Type Final 3 Evolved offers us a complete killer of scroll horizontal in which we will have to avoid all kinds of dangers while trying to survive and get the highest possible score. Among its main characteristics returns the use of “force” as one of its fundamental mechanics and has a dynamic difficulty system that modifies the level of challenge depending on how well or poorly we play, making it a game suitable for both newbies who have never dared with a title of the genre and for veterans who want to test themselves.

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