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Elden Ring

Radahn has come to life in some of the best Elden Ring fan art.

The entertainment industry is huge. While more and more series, movies, and video games emerge every year that have inspired thousands of artists to make quite impressive creations, the latter should be given their respective merit in terms of the dissemination of the most important and recognized characters.

Without a doubt, the fans have distinguished themselves by their creative gifts and, although the franchises are successful and popular around the world by their means, it is fair to say that their own fans have also contributed to their continued growth.


It is true that the collaborations with which they surprise other Internet users are not really official, but it would be fantastic if at some point the companies decided to take up some of the most outstanding works and make them part of the canon, since some -at first glance- seem be. And, just as we have seen hundreds and thousands of illustrations faithful to the characters, we also found others that have their personal touch. Something that should not be missed frankly.

Elden Ring bosses have their own fans

Considering that Elden Ring has been one of the most discussed and critically praised titles, breaking sales records (even more than some popular games like Pokemon Lengeds: Arceus and Forbbiden West), it is only natural that fans will look for a way to pay tribute to this installment full of challenges and an interactive open world that encourages exploration. After its official launch in February, the success was so massive that it gave much to talk about among the gaming community. So, for now, many fans have taken on the task of creating incredible works of art to recognize the most significant elements of the RPG and share them with other fans.

Recently, an Elden Ring fan has made a fantastic illustration of Radahnscourge of the Stars, one of the main bosses of the game that, by the way, is part of the over 100 bosses to beat throughout the game. Hence, the open world is recognized for its challenges on the battlefield. Although Radahn is not the only one highlighted by his great power -almost on a par with others like Margit, the Fallen Omen; Red Wolf of Radagon; Morgott, King of Omens, the Fire Giant, the Beast of the Circle; and Malenia, the Sword of Miquella, to name a few – he has gained notoriety in the player base for good reason.



This boss who unlocks after triggering Radahn’s Festival at Redmane’s Castle in Elden Ring. He is a demigod who fought hard against Malenia in the sharding war and was affected by the Scarlet Rot. This illness drove him mad and he was filled with bitterness. The Radahn boss fight is considered one of the most difficult although you can always ask for help in the invocations.

Featuring three-stage combat, Radahn has great strength that he will use through his lightning arrows, machetes while the player will have to dodge his lunges, sword swings, and electric waves. In this way, thanks to his skills, he has earned the admiration of a significant part of the fans.

Coming back to the topic at hand, one enthusiastic gamer decided to bring it to life with a dark and creepy twist. Reddit user ADePietro decided to share to other netizens a sample of his digital work featuring General Radahn. The fearsome boss of the Elden Ring brings his well-known Radahn armor with him, while he is wielding the star swords. On his part, both swords shine with a ray of purple tones, which seems to indicate that the boss is about to perform one of his most iconic spells: the Starcaller Cry. This spell is basically an ability that pulls enemies through gravitational magic and ends with a deadly blow from both swords.



As you can see in the previous image, Radahn’s style is captured with a certain elegance through almost baroque objects in the form of the hair that protrudes from the helmet, an accessory that stands out in his clothing. In case you want to have it, this famous protective armor can be bought from Enia in the Round Table Cellar for 8,000 runes after defeating the General.

On the other hand, Radahn’s expression is quite aggressive with intense yellow eyes filled with rage. We can even see a part of the silhouette of Radahn’s horse, from whom the boss never leaves, thanks to the fact that he learned the magic of gravity only to never separate from him.

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