Rain World: Downpour launches on consoles on July 11

rain world: downpour launches on consoles on july 11

Tom Henry

Rain World: Downpour launches on consoles on July 11

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Akupara Games and VIDEOCULT have announced that Downpourthe downloadable content of Rain Worldbe available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on July 11. This means that the original Rain World will be released on the same date with a native version for PS5 and for the first time it comes to Xbox Series and Xbox One.

Downpour will be released on PC on January 19. Includes five new characters, each with unique abilities, and a vast redefined world. “Cat-slugs and predators have adapted to extreme conditions. They survive new dangers, weather conditions and undiscovered territory,” the team says.

“Return to a hostile world in Downpour, where you will explore new and dangerous territories, and you will have to survive new predators. Over time, the slug-cat species has evolved into five different variants. Take advantage of their different abilities and explore their own stories“.

Meet the new creatures

The expansion also includes unique scenarios, a complex random mission selector and a local cooperative mode. “Rain World: Downpour has something for everyone: players who want to test their skills can do so in Challenge mode, and those who want a quiet experience can have fun in Safari mode. Additional content offers a whole new experience in Rain World: tutorials, alternate routes, a new map system, a handy collectibles viewer to help you complete the story, and much more.

These new characters are the following:

  • The creek: an aquatic slug-cat that can last longer underwater and moves through the world more easily.
  • The glutton: a variant that knows how to enjoy the small pleasures of life. This expert in gastronomy is great at tinkering with the objects that he finds along the way.
  • The artificer: This fierce fighter is a specialist in pyrotechnics and explosives.
  • The spearman: this mutated variant has no mouth and uses spears that it draws from its body to fight and feed itself.
  • The Saint: this cat-slug, which is attuned to the etheric plane, does not use weapons. Instead, he uses his tongue to reach objects or platforms that are far away.

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