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Rainbow Six Siege presents season and operator, with confirmed date and a new game mode

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter prepares for the arrival of Operation Vector Glare on June 7.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of those striking cases in the video game industry. The tactical shooter from Ubisoft It didn’t get off to a good start in 2015, but little by little it has been gaining players until it has established itself as one of the leading multiplayer games today.

Looking ahead to next month, those responsible are preparing the arrival of a new season, with the name Operation Vector Glare. This, in addition to the relevant adjustments regarding the balance, will bring us news regarding the list of operators and game modes, and is scheduled to be released on PC and consoles next June 7th through an update.

Sens is an attacker who projects light barriers.In the video that heads the news you can see gameplay corresponding to the novelties that will be introduced in the multiplayer five against five, powerfully calling attention to the incorporation of a new operator, Senswhich will be available to unlock by purchasing it or spending game points.

This Belgian agent is an attacker who has a wheel-shaped device that project light barriers very useful to cover the enemy’s vision. With them, it is easier to plant the sedax or the mere fact of crossing to a specific area of ​​​​the map, although it must be said that it does not cover the defenders’ bullets or devices.

It has one speed point and three health points, and with it comes a new primary weapon, the POF-9. Operators like Warden will be boosted by his arrival, as he will be one of the few to see through these barriers. On offense, Glaz also benefits from being able to observe with his sniper scope.

New map and game modes

Along with Sens comes more news to Siege in the form of maps and modes. Close Quarter is the first map targeting the mode Team Duel which is incorporated this year so that players can practice their aim. It is designed specifically for this purpose, without too many obstacles or convoluted designs.

Added a map for Team Duel and a shooting rangeIf we don’t want to face rivals online, we can test weapons with the new shooting range, a playable space to practice, train and experiment with setbacks without having to worry about other aspects of the game. In addition, the operators’ guide is updated and we enter phase 1 of the reputation system that measures user behavior.

In this way, the tactical shooter leaves behind the special event of ancient Japan that players were able to enjoy for a few weeks. Looking ahead to the next few months much more content is preparedsince the planning of year 7 has four different seasons and different additions to keep the popularity up.

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