Rainbow Six Siege: This is season 1 of year 8 (Y8S1) and the new operator Brava

It seems hard to believe, but Ubisoft’s tactical shooter has been around for eight years and is more popular than ever. Season 1 of Year 8 (Y8S1) of rainbow six siege is about to start and we will tell you the date on which ‘Operation Commanding Force’ begins with the new operator from Brazil: Brava, from the Viper Strike squad.

When does Season 1 of Year 8 (Y8S1) Operation Commanding Force start in rainbow six siege?

Everything indicates that the start date of the season 1 of the year 8 (Y8S1) Operation Commanding Force of rainbow six siege will be the Tuesday March 7, 2023.

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New attacking operator: Brava

The gadget of the new character is the kludge drone, an artifact capable of remotely connecting to opponents’ devices and allowing Brava to use them to her advantage or destroy them. If the device cannot be modified, it is destroyed. Its weaknesses are Solis’s SPEC-IOS electrosensor, which can detect it, and Mozzie’s Scourge.

We are going to know the new attacker operator Brava and the other news of Operation Commanding Force, the season 1 of the year 8 Y8S1 of Rainbow Six Siege.

Brava has 1 health and 3 speed. Her primary weapons are the PARA-308 and CAMRS, while she can have the USP 40 pistol and Super Shorty shotgun as secondary. To top it off, she has access to claymore mining and smoke grenades.

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Other news of the season 1 of the year 8 (Y8S1) Operation Commanding Force in rainbow six siege

  • Mousetrap: Players using mouse and keyboard on consoles will have a penalty that adds delay to their inputs. Completing matches with a controller will gradually reduce the lag to normal.
  • Reputation penalty for abusive voice chat. This penalty will silence repeat offenders by default. They will only be heard by the players who activate them.
  • Balance changes to Zero
  • Gameplay UI improvements
  • Balance changes to weapon perks
  • Immersive Reload System – Animation interruption will leave the player without a magazine, but closed bolt weapons will have a single round for the player to use at any time during reload.
  • Challenges for Beginners
  • Specialized Challenges: by completing them we can win an operator and other rewards.

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You can learn more about the new attacker operator Brava and other news about Operation Commanding Force, Season 1 of Year 8 (Y8S1) of rainbow six siege, viewing the next reveal panel. Does it have USAsubtitles.

Remember that the previous character in the game belongs to our country. We spoke to Solis’s designers about the challenges of creating a Colombian character..

Source: Ubisoft Latin America