Rare XL candies in Pokemon GO: these are the changes

rare xl candies in pokemon go: these are the changes

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Rare XL candies in Pokemon GO: these are the changes

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The Pokemon GO XL rare candies They are objects that allow our Pokemon to gain experience without having to fight. Unlike the normal ones, the XL ones can be used on any Pokemon, while the others can only be used on the Pokemon that have the same name as the candy. These candies are obtained as a reward in special research tasks, in raids of three stars and more or by walking 25 km, although the latter is much more difficult and a few other ways. PokeMiners, a Twitter user known for extracting information from the game through data and for exposing leaks, has published a tweet where he assures that there has been an important change in relation to these objects:

Until now, trainers could receive up to a total of 31 rare XL candies when they increased their level from 41 to 50. However, with the new change introduced, they start from level 31 to 40. Therefore, it will be easier to obtain them. And it is possible that this change is due to an attempt by Niantic to attract new players and those who already left, especially since they have recently had various controversies over remote raid passes, complaints about Elite Raids and even criticism for the little variety of Pokemon in the hatching of eggs. According to data from MobileGamer, Pokemon GO is not currently going through good times compared to other times, although Niantic denies it.

It is worth mentioning that, in general, these objects are already difficult to obtain in the game. Consequently, it is possible that this change is one of the many moves that Niantic is making to keep players happy. So it is not ruled out that we will see more similar changes in the future. We will have to be vigilant.

The user who has revealed this information stands out for bringing to light issues such as the return of Team Magma to Pokemon GO.

What are all the ways to get XL Rare Candy in Pokemon GO?

Aside from getting XL Rare Candies as rewards in events, such as the Discovering Hisui event, they can also be found somewhat more easily in the following ways:

  • Catch a Pokemon: you can randomly receive up to three XL rare candies.
  • Capturing a first evolution: 1 XL rare candy.
  • Capturing a second evolution: 2 XL rare candies.
  • Catch a Legendary Pokemon: 3 XL rare candies.
  • Trading a Pokemon: 1 XL rare candy for both players.
  • Hatching a 2 km egg: 1 XL rare candy for the two trainers approximately.
  • Hatching a 5km Egg: 3 XL rare candies approx.
  • Hatching a 7 km egg: 4 XL rare candies approx.
  • Hatching a 10 km egg: 4 XL rare candies approx.
  • Hatching a 12 km egg: 4 XL rare candies approx.
  • walking with our partner: With a high level of friendship we can get a rare XL candy if we walk at least 25 km. If you don’t know anything about this, we recommend that you read about how your partner works in Pokemon GO to understand it well.

Remember that you can read all our guides on Pokemon GO and find out about the latest news at nintenderos. We also recommend being aware of the official social networks of the application to inform you instantly.

Pokemon GO was released on July 16, 2016 for mobile devices (iOS and Android) for free.

What do you think of this change? rare XL candies in Pokemon GO? Do you see it positive or do you think that it should not be easier for players to obtain these objects?

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