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Razer announces its new BlackWidow V4 and V4 X keyboards

razer announces its new blackwidow v4 and v4 x keyboards

Razer announced the launch of a new high-end gaming keyboard, the BlackWidow V4which is accompanied by a more affordable version baptized as BlackWidow V4X. In turn, both are also a more affordable version of the true top-of-the-range model, the Black Widow V4 Pro.

To try to summarize everything quickly and accurately, regarding the BlackWidow V4 Pro, you miss backlighting in three zones by the armrest. You lose the 3 dedicated macro keys on the side, and you lose USB Passthrough. In essence, small cuts that seek to make the product cheaper while maintaining what is important, such as the type of buttons used. After this brief description, we now recommend what these two new keyboards offer.

Designed with an emphasis on advanced control and immersive gameplay, the BlackWidow V4 and V4 X feature proprietary Razer Gen-3 mechanical switches. Our green Clicky Switches are highly regarded by Razer fans for their precise execution with a clicky, tactile feel, while our yellow mechanical switches are favored for their fast, smooth, and quiet execution, ensuring an optimized gaming experience tailored to individual gaming styles.

Both keyboards can be chosen with either of the two switches.


Razer BlackWidow V4 Specifications

Razer Black Widow V4

Like the original model, it offers two RGB LED lighting zones on its chassis. This implies in the buttons themselves, and on the sides of the chassis. Offers a full-size layout, a 5052 aluminum chassisand most importantly, it uses mechanical pushbuttons Razer Mechanical Switches. These can be chosen with a press linear or clicky. Both promise a useful life of at least 100 million keystrokes before presenting a malfunction. The keys have a double ABS coating, and we have a wrist rest. Like other keyboards of the brand, this one is fixed by magnets.

Choose between two switches that offer different sensations: the green switch, for precise actuation with tactile feedback, or the yellow switch, for fast, smooth and quiet actuation.

The rest of the specifications go through four media buttons and a roller to adjust the volume quickly. Although it has 6 macro keys, 1 more than the top-of-the-range model, it loses the 3 macro keys on the side. Maintains the Polling Rate of 8000MHz (0.125ms), and the buttons arrive lubricated default, while the space key has stabilizers for a correct pulsation regardless of where you press it. You also have internal storage that allows you to save up to 5 different profiles.

It goes on sale at a recommended price of €189.9980 euros less compared to the top-of-the-range model.


The V4 X is the same, but smaller, and cheaper

Razer BlackWidow V4X

It keeps the important thing, the buttons. Now, the Polling Rate is reduced to 1000hz. ARGB LED lighting means unique set each key to a color in an independent way. We lose the four buttons dedicated to multimedia skills. We went from a USB-C cable that can be removed, to a cable that is fixed to the keyboard. No lubrication, no stabilizers, and it also loses the magnetized wrist rest.

Of course, all these cuts make the Razer BlackWidow V4 X reach a recommended price of €149.99. That is to say, 40 euritos less than his older brother. Now each one must assess whether those 40 euros compensate, or something, if these keyboards are an option to take into account compared to other models available on the market with a similar price.

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