Read the epaper now: The big GameStar Black Edition for Starfield

read the epaper now: the big gamestar black edition for

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Read the epaper now: The big GameStar Black Edition for Starfield

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Bethesda’s sci-fi role-playing game is finally taking off. With our thick Starfield special in the cockpit, you’ll never get lost!

Update 05.09.: Our special edition editors have gone full throttle and even finished a day earlier than we dared to hope. All special issue pre-orders will now find the epaper in their account in the GameStar Shop.

But even if you’ve waited before ordering, you can still get your epaper today. For example, if you order the bundle consisting of a special issue and a free e-paper, you not only save on shipping costs up to and including tomorrow – you also get it immediate access to the chic Starfield e-paper immediately after your order and you can dive straight away. Of course, the same applies if you only order the epaper. We hope you have fun!

Update 09/04: The time is running! You can only pre-order the thick special issue on Starfield for two days with free shipping. After 06.09. is over. This also applies to the particularly good bundle of booklet and free e-paper. You can already download the epaper in the course of 06.09. Download by 8 p.m. at the latest and get started with it until the epaper lands in your mailbox.

Update 08/30: Both the front and the back of our XXL poster are fixed! The artwork of the poster can be found a little further down in the article. On the back, our galactically good map and tour guide will help you find your way! Of course, we can’t show them to you yet for spoiler reasons.

As a reminder: Who still until 06.09. pre-ordered the bundle from the booklet with free epaper saves the shipping costs and will receive the epaper on 06.09. until 8 p.m. The printed booklet takes a few days longer before it comes out of the printer and ends up with our shipping service provider for further processing.

Are you sometimes paralyzed by seemingly Esports Extrasntic challenges that seem impossible at first glance? The right approach is often just a little push in the right direction. I feel the same way about Starfield, to be honest. Because the giant space RPG offers you almost infinite possibilities. Where is the best place to start? Where do I fly to first? And what am I supposed to do there? That’s what ours are for GameStar Black Edition to Starfield. Because the big special helps all prospective pilots to find their way around in Bethesda’s latest giant role-playing game.

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Concentrated astronaut knowledge

Unfortunately, we didn’t recruit real astronauts to write the guides for our Black Edition. It would also be questionable whether they could write guides that are as good as ours Squad of experienced roleplayers and guide authors can. Because they know exactly how to explain complex game mechanics in an understandable way. And that’s especially important at Starfield!

Because the game is full of interlocking, sophisticated systemsthat want to be mastered. Our guides will help you with the combat system, skill tuning or building spaceships and bases. This is how you live out your space dreams in the best possible way!

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Become a discoverer of foreEsports Extrasworlds

We guide you competently through the story and make sure you don’t offend any of the factions in the game with detailed walkthroughs. You probably don’t want to mess with the powerful United Colonies or be hunted down by the religious fanatics of the House of Va’ruun. Or maybe it is – after all, it’s your character.

We guide you to and through the most important locations in the game, such as New Atlantis, the free city of Akila or the luxury location Neon. Thanks to our guides, you won’t miss any relevant ones Quest giver and find special items and info. The front of the XXL poster with a chic motif from the game helps you to get into the Starfield mood, on the back we provide useful overviews, as always with our special issues.

Maximum load reached

Poster artwork
This chic artwork awaits you on the XXL poster. The exact cut may vary slightly.

The GameStar Black Edition for Starfield is your survival package in space. With this very special special issue you get:

  • 148 pages on Bethesda’s giant role-playing game
  • Character selection and skill guides
  • all important locations
  • Help with spaceship and base building
  • Combat tips for ground and space conflicts
  • XXL double poster

Of course, the magazine will appear again at the kiosk or directly from us in the GameStar Shop – but that’s the only place you can get it particularly attractive bundle of booklet and free epaper. To ensure that the information in the magazine is really up-to-date, we are working on the articles right up to the end – the magazine will therefore only be sent to you a few days after the release of Starfield. However, pre-orderers should on 6.9. have the epaper version in their mailbox by 8:00 p.m. Unless, of course, the pirates from the Crimson Fleet hijack our print shop and delivery shuttles, but we’ll do our best!

Happy reading and exploring!

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Worried your gaming PC won’t handle Starfield anymore?

Together with GameStar PC, the colleagues from BoostBoxx have put together four Starfield PC editions for different target resolutions and price levels. Each of the four gaming PCs is coming by September 30th including download code for the €100 Starfield: Premium Edition to your home.

The selection is guaranteed to include the right gaming PC for you, and checking it doesn’t cost anything. So take a look and browse around the Starfield PC range.

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