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Recap of the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase with all the videos and announcements: Avatar Reconing, Disney Illusion Island, Marvel’s Midnight Suns and more

That Marvel, LucasFilm, Pixar, Fox and the rest of the major studios of the most famous mouse house in the world to share their most beloved characters and, through the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, to make a list when it comes to bringing them to video games is something that does not happen every day . That during the same be announced five new titles for practically all systems and much less in burst.

Following a format very similar to the Nintendo Direct, the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase held on the occasion of D23 has condensed in just 20 minutes an interesting look at all the Disney video games that are about to come out early next year, from Disney Dreamlight Valley and the imminent Return to Monkey Island to a Marvel Midnight Suns that It already has a release date.

I didn't imagine Guybrush looking like Return to Monkey Island either, but I applaud Ron Gilbert taking us out of our comfort zone

And beware, there was also room for surprises, including a new game with Captain America and Black Panther that is in the hands of the director of Uncharted and has been placed on its own merits in the middle of our radar.

In Extra Life we have gathered all the videos and announcements of the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase in one place along with those details that are overlooked at first. Because we can already put a date on some specially anticipated games and on other recently announced games we have to make a deserved place on the calendar.

They are more procrastination, all the videos and advertisements of the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase.

Tron Identity

It may be Disney’s first digital event, but announcing a completely unexpected game is the best way to break the ice. Above all, if it is about recovering a license based precisely on a video game.

Tron Identity is the new visual novel video game based on the Tron universe. It is being developed by Bithell Games and despite the fact that it has just been presented, it is already possible to see its Steam page. The release date: 2023 and at the moment it is only confirmed for PC.

Disney Illusion Island

The second surprise of the night came from Mickey Mouse himself and his friends, recovering the charm of classic platforms on Nintendo Switch. A triple hit in every way that we can play together with three other friends as of 2023.

Disney Illusion Island It will allow us to play in colorful side-scrolling levels with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy through a gameplay very similar to that of the last Rayman. And beware, the game is in the hands of Dlala Studios, those responsible for the latest Battletoads.

Marvel Midnight Suns

The next Marvel bombshell on PC and consoles already has a date: Marvel Midnight Suns It will bring together in the same tactical RPG the excitement of the Marvel Comics characters and the addictive formula of the creators of XCOM. A safe bet that, by the way, will come on December 2.

Can’t you wait that long? Marvel and 2K Games, who are carrying out the project, have also just announced that they will launch a series of animated short films in the form of a prequel to warm up the atmosphere. All good news.

Marvel Strike Force

The most irascible Hulk arrives at Marvel Strike Force in style: Red Hulk joins the mobile game from September 13 as a brawler and as part of a new war rider of Apocalypse. And nothing like a new cinematic trailer to welcome you and let you show off your property.

Marvel Snap

You were looking for a new collectible card game to get completely hooked on: stay with the data: Marvel Snap arrives on iOS and Android on October 18 and combines the minds and experience behind the original creators of the Hearthstone phenomenon with the characters of all the Marvel universes. A winning combination.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Warner made a triumphant return to the TT Games saga with LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga earlier in the year. Now round it off by adding a new batch of characters coming from the new LucasFilm series and productions, including characters directly extracted from Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Return to Monkey Island

In the section dedicated to LucasFilm Games, the long-awaited Return to Monkey Island. And beware, for the event nothing less than the original voice of Guybrush Threepwood himself was counted, who showed us a little more about the game and, in addition, the storybook that will be offered within the adventure as a reminder of the crucial events of the first two games. All a detail.

Disney Mirrorverse

Villains take control in new cinematic trailer Disney Mirrorverse, the mobile RPG based on the worlds of Disney and Pixar, and its techniques are admittedly even more interesting than those of everyone’s favorite heroes and princesses.

Disney Speedstorm

Disney wants to eat Mario Kart 8 Deluxe toast on PCs and consoles (including Nintendo Switc) with Disney Speedstormand the extra charisma of its characters is only part of the plan: the driving sensation and the crazy themed circuits will make the difference, including the newly shown contents of Monsters SA

Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’re as hooked on Animal Crossing as you are on Nintendo kart racing, Disney has its own replica too. Disney Dreamlight Valley is already played on consoles and PCs, and is even available through Game Pass.

Now, in addition, it adds an even more interesting attraction: a whole collection of content based on toy story, including some great Woody and Buzz Lightyear as little Andy.

Avatar Reckoning

fans of Avatar they ran out of news of the promising Ubisoft game. At least for now, but James Cameron’s Na’vi could not miss the appointment: Avatar Reckoning was shown in property, offering a generous look at its action proposal and online open world in which there are adventure sections and modes competitive.

It is expected to come to iOS and Android soon. The perfect appetizer to the new movie saga?

Marvel and Skydance present a new video game

The biggest surprise of the event does not have an official name yet, but it does have recognizable protagonists around the world: Captain America and Black Panther They will star in an adventure that seems to take place during the Second World War. Perhaps it is not the same King of Wakanda that we met in the movies, but what is shown and the premise of him already point to ways.

Marvel World of Heroes

The Disney & Marvel Games Showcase It started with surprises and novelties and it was dosing them until the end: the last of the video games presented was Marvel World of Heroes and, despite the fact that it will arrive next year on iOS and Android, the idea has us especially intrigued: to turn our mobile devices into the superpowers of the heroes of The House of Ideas What Thor or Iron Man through Augmented Reality, the same technology of Pokemon Go. What madness!

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