Red Dead Online: Ignore Bans To Earn More As A Moonshine Maker This Month

red dead online: ignore bans to earn more as a

Tom Henry

Red Dead Online: Ignore Bans To Earn More As A Moonshine Maker This Month

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Today’s Newswire post containing all the details about the update of Red Dead Online offers for this week.


Triple Rewards for completing Illegal Job Missions and Story Missions, Double RDO$ on Moonshiner Sales, Distillery House Discounts, and more!

The authorities don’t know what to do to stop the sale of illegal spirits at the border, but the thirst of the locals is unquenchable. This month in Red Dead Online, those who dare to ignore the law can earn extra rewards by crafting and selling Moonshine across the plains.

win triple RDO$ and XP in moonshine maker narrative missions, double RDO$ and XP in all brandy manufacturer sales and triple xp to complete illegal jobs missions until July 3.

In addition to crafting and selling Moonshine, there are other ways to get ahead, such as these challenges and rewards, which will be available throughout the month:

  • Destroy five prosecutor barricades during any week this month to take advantage of 50% off any weapon.
  • Win a Battle Mode to receive a 40% discount on a Proficient or Pro level item from the Moonshiner role.
  • Win a Featured Series to earn the Clap Emote.
  • Complete any Free Roam event this month to receive 40% off an ability card upgrade.
  • Complete any of the New Job quests that you will receive via telegram (“A Gift Horse”, “Thief Stealing Thief”, or “Escort”) to receive the Flat Top Hat.

Offers and rewards will be delivered within 72 hours.

Put your still to use by buying one distillery house for 10 gold bars less. Make it more welcoming for clients and members of your clan by personalizing the canteen thanks to the 50% discount on all designs. This month, recipes are available at a 30% discount, and moving the distillery house also costs 30% less than usual.

Participating in the buoyant capitalist free market has its advantages: Complete a brandy maker sale or of businessman each week of this month to receive these weekly rewards:

  • From May 30 to June 5: two free mix refills
  • From June 6 to 12: kennedy hat
  • From June 13 to 19: ortega vest
  • From June 20 to 26: Carver pants
  • From June 27 to July 3: Serape Prieto


In the mining town of Annesburg there is a blood red jewel hidden somewhere and you must find it if you want to win a generous reward. After meeting Guido in Saint Denis and immersing yourself in the world of blood moneycarry out the Ruby of the East job to earn double RDO$ and XP than usual.


Test your mettle and your reflexes in any of the outstanding series of this month, which you will find below, and get double rewards for the next five weeks.

  • From May 30 to June 5: Combat Series (for experts)
  • From June 6 to 12: elimination series (for experts)
  • From June 13 to 19: Team Shootout series (for experts)
  • From June 20 to 26: conquest series (for experts)
  • From June 27 to July 3: Team Gun Rush series (for experts)


This outfit, created by SteveTheGreekStav of the RedDeadFashion subreddit, belongs to his character Harrison Orson Burrell, a Scottish outlaw wanted for “countless crimes” from Saint Denis to Blackwater. Visit participating tailors or order the following items from the free catalog to create the outfit the scotsman:


  • Distillery House Cantina Skins – 50% Off
  • Distillery House: Discount of 10 Gold Bars
  • Distillery House Relocation Fee: 30% off
  • Mix Price: 30% off
  • Gestures: 30% discount
  • Shotguns – 30% off
  • Work Horses: 30% discount
  • Norfolk Roadster Horses: 30% discount
  • Shirts, skirts and dresses: 40% discount
  • Non-Role Outfits – 25% off

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