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Red Dead Online player achieves this impressive achievement after 9,200 hours of play

red dead online player achieves this impressive achievement after 9,200

After many hours of playing, this player has completed Red Dead Redemption, even achieving rank 1,000 in the game.

Red Dead Online player achieves this impressive achievement after 9,200 hours of play
John Marston would be proud of this player.

Red Dead Redemption is one of Rockstar’s great works, with permission from Grand Theft Auto, of course. But that is another story. The world of Red Dead Online is also present and there are many people who spend hours enjoying the Wild West with their character. On this occasion we come to talk to you about a player who has played more than 9,200 hours in this title, yes, you read that right.


After all that time playing, accumulating hours, experience and experiences, The player has managed to reach rank 1,000 in the game. If you thought it would take you less time, it seems not, you probably still have to play many hours to reach this player’s time. Perhaps we are talking about an achievement that few people have, not because of its difficulty, but because of the hours it takes to acquire it. We remind you… More than 9,200 hours.

Almost 10,000 hours later, this player reaches rank 1,000

Red Dead Online came out approximately five years ago, so if someone wants to reach this amount of hours, they would have to have dedicated about five hours a day to it. Every day. Logically, Reddit user Fuwih has not only dedicated himself to leveling up in vain. He also confirms that he has achieved everything possible in the game, every piece of legendary clothing, every collectible… Everything you can imagine, he has achieved after almost 10,000 hours.


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As you can see, this could be considered a real milestone, not only has he dedicated time to gaining experience and thus reaching level 1,000. But he has also set out to obtain everything that the game has available, of course, also with its platinum trophy that certifies that everything is 100% done. Many Reddit users have offered congratulations but also condolences, since Red Dead Online is not the same as GTA’s multiplayer mode, but is much more abandoned.

It’s difficult to play Red Dead Online and have fun with people, since from what the comments say, there aren’t many things to do. Whatever it is, The author of this incredible achievement has said that if it weren’t for the people he plays with, there would be no farmed everything necessary to achieve this. Now we just have to wait to see if someone else shares something similar with this installment, playing 9,200 hours of the same game is something that not many people do.

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