Red Dead Redemption: first comparisons, the disappointment is huge

red dead redemption: first comparisons, the disappointment is huge

Tom Henry

Red Dead Redemption: first comparisons, the disappointment is huge

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After being the subject of rumors for a while, and above all dangling a huge surprise that finally deflated as quickly as it had swelled. For a whole host of reasons, the announcement of the remastered version of Red Dead Redemption didn’t come across as good news, and the reviews went all over the place.

Simple smoothing, absent multiplayer content, price around €50… here are some of the arguments that have been pointed out by fans, not to mention the disappointment to learn that this is not a sequel, nor a remake, but a simple remaster. The players therefore expected nothing good, some even spoke of a game that was definitely stillborn. But the truth is that in the end, if we put aside its somewhat excessive price, the Red Dead Redemption remaster is doing quite well, according to the first comparatives and reviews, but is it really sufficient ?

The first comparisons of Red Dead Redemption remaster disappoint

ElAnalistaDeBits, a Youtube channel specializing in the field, took the time to test the PS3, Switch and PS4 (fat) versions of the game extensively to draw obvious technical conclusions. The remaster is pretty solid on Nintendo Switch, the least powerful console to host this new version of Rockstar’s game, but this is not the case on PS4. At Nintendo, the game runs without too much trouble at 30 fps and remains stable (1080p docked, 720p portable).

The PS4 version is doing better graphically, of course, but the latter has a big problem, it only runs at 30 fps in 1080p. The shadows are pretty clean and the models sharper, that’s undeniable, and the difference is quite noticeable when compared directly to the PS3 version (thankfully). But now, the framerate will not fly very high. It is indeed stuck at 30 fps. And for the record, even when running the game on PS5, it will never go above 30 fps, even if the resolution will go to 4K.

The cold shower is huge, the players are fuming

While 60 fps is on all languages ​​and has practically become a standard when it comes to remasters, Rockstar obviously disagrees. Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take Two, the publisher of Red Dead Redemption, had even spoken out to defend his game, believing that the price was justified and that it was even a ” Excellent value “. Needless to say, not everyone agrees.

If it could still pass a few years ago, a remaster released in these circumstances, it is no longer possible today. As the first feedback on the game begins to fall (ours is coming soon), the reactions of players are also beginning to be heard. Most of them are extremely disappointed and make it known on social networks. ” It’s a shame “ , “scandalous”, “ridiculous considering the price”… it’s a cold shower and the comments make it known.

Currently, therefore, the remaster of Red Dead Redemption only offers a visually clean port, but technically below standards, even in terms of remasters. For 50€, you can enjoy the game in its entirety accompanied by its big narrative DLC Undead Nightmare and… that’s it.

So, what do you think from here?

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