Red Dead Redemption: keys and tricks for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation

red dead redemption: keys and tricks for nintendo switch and

Tom Henry

Red Dead Redemption: keys and tricks for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation

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Rockstar Games games have been characterized by the use of codes and cheats purely for fun. Being open worlds, those of the franchise Grand Theft Auto they lent themselves to being an experimental sandbox without the need to follow the story or complete the missions in a linear fashion. That did not change but expanded with the arrival of red dead redemption in 2010, with keys and cheats that could be written as phrases to activate them.

red dead redemption for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5 makes us wonder if the keys for PlayStation 3 and Xbox consoles work in the conversion for the rest of the current consoles. The good news is that yes, they do work.. Cheats such as infinite health, infinite ‘Dead Eye’, infinite horse resistance, weapons, among others. Clues and hacks to life in the Old West in the redemption story that is red dead redemption.

red dead redemption cheats
The Nintendo Switch version includes internal achievements.

These keys and cheats can be entered at any time in the pause screen options menu. On PlayStation consoles, once activated they cancel the possibility of obtaining trophies in said game match. Without saving the game the ban is removed when loading a preview. internal achievements in RDR for Nintendo Switch they are a different function – which mimics – trophies on PlayStation.

Keys, tricks and secrets to red dead redemption on Switch and PlayStation

Once these cheats have been entered into the options screen, they can be turned on or off at will and individually. Although there are some available at the start of the game, others must be entered manually with their respective phrase before they can be activated and deactivated. The phrase should only be written once, since later the key or trick remains in the list. At the moment of writing them, upper or lower case does not matter, but the punctuation does.

red dead redemption cheats

The following keys and tricks of red dead redemption They work the same on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5.

He gives strength to the weak: invincible

I don’t understand infinity: ‘Dead Eye’ infinite

Make hay while the sun shines: infinite endurance of the horse

Abundance is everywhere: unlimited ammo

The root of all evil, we thank you!: add $500

Beasts and man together: spawns a horse nearby

Now who put that there?: spawns a wagon or stagecoach

I wish i worked for uncle sam: disable quest and reward levels

They sell souls cheap here: reduces $500 of the reward

It’s my constitutional right: Unlocks a Volcanic Pistol, Double Barrel Shotgun, and Springfield Rifle set

I’m an american. I need guns: Unlocks a set of Schofield Revolver, Semi-Automatic Pistol, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Buffalo Rifle, Winchester Rifle, and Molotov Cocktails

I am one of them famous fellas: max fame level

Humility before the lord: reset fame level (zero)

It’s not pride. It’s honor: increases honor level to maximum (Hero)

The old ways is the best ways: activates a sepia graphic effect

I’m drunk as a skunk and twice as smelly: get John or Jack (adult) drunk

Don’t you look fine and dandy: unlock the Knight outfit and the Legend of the West outfit

I love a man in uniform: unlocks the Bureau, US Marshal and US Army uniforms

You think you tough, mister?: unlocks the Bollard Twins, Treasure Hunters, Bandits and Rebel Kings costumes

You got yourself a fine pair of eyes: unlock the whole map

Oh my son, my blessed son: auto complete all story missions and change the protagonist from John to Jack Marston

There are three levels of ‘Dead Eye’ whose rank goes up as the game progresses. These can later be activated or deactivated on the same cheat screen.

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