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Redfall: Bethesda clarifies which physical editions will have a disc and which will not

A few hours ago, chaos broke out on social networks due to a small confusion. redfall, one of Microsoft’s most anticipated games that will be available from May 2 for Xbox Series X/S and PC (directly to Game Pass at launch), will have different physical editions, but not all of them will include the official game disc. game. At first, several media outlets reported the chaos that was breaking out because tons of players, due to an error on the Bethesda website, they thought all editions were going to come with a digital download code. Obviously, users did not like this at all, especially those who are collectors. The company has clarified everything and it seems that only the Bite Back (and the PC one) will come with code.


Bethesda quickly goes to Twitter to clear all doubts about the editions of Redfall

The physical version of the Xbox Standard Edition of Redfall comes with a Blu-Ray disc. The Bite Back can be purchased separately. Inside the Bite Back, there will be a code that will grant the elements of said edition,” Bethesda commented in the official statement via Twitter. “Owners of the physical Xbox version of Redfall who wish to purchase the content of the Bite Back Upgrade can do it digitally. The physical PC version does not come with a game disc.“.

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redfallTherefore, it will come with a physical disc in its standard Xbox edition. The game will go on sale on May 2 for Xbox Series X / S and PC and will be available on Xbox Game Pass from its launch day.. Doubt cleared, Bethesda can now breathe easy. Redfall will be a fantastic adventure for lovers of vampires and FPS. We will wander through an open world inspired by the classic Far Cry, with tons of undead and monsters that we will have to hunt down. Check out our trailer to find out all the secrets of the Arkane title.