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Redfall is in fashion: Xbox Design Lab receives 5 exclusive designs for your new controller – Xbox

redfall is in fashion: xbox design lab receives 5 exclusive

Absolutely amazing. These are the new designs that Redfall brings exclusively and temporarily to Xbox DesEsports ExtrasLab, to give a new variety to your controllers for Xbox Series X | S. Up to 5 new designs have been added to choose from and they are based on each of the heroes and one more general design. Whatever your favorite, you will now have its representation in your hands.

You will only have to enter the section dedicated to Redfall of the Xbox DesEsports ExtrasLab, choose yours for €79.99 and in this case, for a little more you can put your name or any dedication, yes, with a maximum of 16 characters.


Redfall is coming next week

It seems incredible, but there are only a few days left for the arrival of Redfall, because next May 2 it will be available on Xbox Series X | S, PC and of course, with wide availability for everyone thanks to its direct launch on Xbox Game Pass, where you will enjoy a large number of players to be able to enjoy it cooperatively.

However, if you are a lone wolf or you like to enjoy the more classic Arkane experience, Redfall can be played completely alone, without any AI player having to accompany you, since it is also designed for that. And of course, what better way to do it than with one of these custom controllers that really are fucking brutal.

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