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Redfall publishes a new trailer focused on its map, monsters and arsenal

redfall has published a new advance focused on its different scenarios and monsters, and incidentally has brought out part of its arsenal and the different abilities that we can use with the characters in this first person shooter from Arkane Studios and Bethesda. Like many other advances, this new trailer is published within the framework of the Esports ExtrasFan Fest with the aim of showing players the immensity of this title that will be based on the open worlds of Far Cry published by Ubisoft. redfall deploy your players in a Massachusetts plagued by vampires and monsters. The city is invaded by the beings of the night due to the lack of sun rays on the territory.

Redfall presents a dark and terrifying world filled with a succulent variety of vampires.

The entire map, which is quite significant in size, will be full of safe areas, ruined buildings to explore, and tons of loot that will have to be collected if we want to carry the best weapons and go all the way with ammunition, healing, and other items. Exploration is one of the basic elements of this Arkane project that proposes a fairly generous variety of well as a set of situations in which we will have to plan strategies and thus study how to face each of the challenges proposed by the FPS. Different types of vampires will require unique arsenals and each fight is structured in a specific way.

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The best of redfallwithout a doubt, it is that terrifying and dark environment that proposes. The title has tons of post-apocalyptic elements that we’ve seen in other zombie games, movies, and series, for example, but having vampires as the antagonistic beings changes things a bit and that makes it a unique installment. redfall goes on sale next May 2 for Xbox Series X / S and PC, both physically and digitally (Bethesda clarified which editions came with a disc and which didn’t after some confusion). It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass on launch day.

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