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Redfall Showcases Locations, Co-op Combat And More In Extensive Gameplay

A new trailer for the upcoming redfall of Arkane Studios was featured at Esports ExtrasFan Fest 2023, showcasing its surreal world. Set in Redfall, Massachusetts, where the sun is blacked out and vampires have taken over, players control a series of survivors who must defend themselves. The city has changed significantly, with some buildings in ruins, while the followers of the vampires set up checkpoints and barricades.

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There are various abandoned locations (such as the Coast Guard Station) and safe rooms to investigate, where you will find different loot. Investing in special vampire killing tools, such as stakes, is important, as they can leave vampires vulnerable. Be careful, though: some vampires prefer telekinesis, but others are content to rush at you with brute force. A few more psychic nests are also ostensibly shown, and there’s a sneak peek at even more surreal environments that players will explore.

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redfall It will be out on May 2 for Xbox Series X/S and PC, alongside launching on Game Pass.

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