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Redfall will include a disc for physical release on Xbox Series X / S

Following a series of rumors and in response to recent reports that the physical release of the upcoming co-op shooter redfall will not include records, the publishing house Bethesda has taken to Twitter to clear up the confusion. redfall it also now has an entry on the Bethesda support website stating that the Xbox Series X/S standard edition will feature a physical disc.

According to Bethesda, the retail release of the standard edition of redfall on Xbox Series X/S it will include a physical disc from which the game can be installed. The Standard Edition can be upgraded to the Bite Back Edition via a separate update, which grants players a code that provides bonus items from in-game upgrades. The Bite Back update will be available digitally, as well as physically through select retailers.

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The physical version of redfall on PC, however, it will not include a disc. Rather, it will just have a code that will allow players to redeem a digital copy of the game. The Xbox Series X/S Standard Edition will be the only SKU of redfall which will include a physical disk.

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redfall is coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC on May 2.

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