release date, price and performance

release date, price and performance

Tom Henry

release date, price and performance

It’s been over half a year since both NVIDIA and AMD announced their latest generation of graphics cards aimed at offering the best performance. These are the NVIDIA RTX 40 and AMD RX 7000 and in both cases, we had a clear improvement over the previous generation, although the biggest difference was at the high end. After the failure of the RTX 4060 Ti and the AMD RX 7600, it is time to meet what could be the best seller of the red team. It is thus revealed performance, release date and price of the RX 7800 XT with Navi 32 chip.

We have all seen how current GPUs are being a disappointment in various aspects. We not only have the price problem, but the performance on some models barely improves compared to the graphs of a couple of years ago. The latest models launched by both AMD and NVIDIA demonstrate this and accompanied by a very similar price, we do not find an excuse to justify that these are a good purchase.

The AMD RX 7800 XT will arrive in a few months and will cost $599

The RX 7600 have not met the expectations that people had in them, although as usual with AMD, the price reduction it made was appreciated. Even so, we are talking about 8GB VRAM GPU that fall even short in some current games to 1080P. We can only upgrade from an RX 7600 to an RX 7900 XT taking into account that we do not have intermediate models between them. It is because of that ship 32 It will occupy this place and now it is time to talk about the details that we know about its performance, date and price.

To do this, we will use the RedGamingTech video, which talks about what’s new from AMD, starting with AM5. As we already gave such information about the future CPUs with Zen 5Let’s move on to the GPU part. Here we start with a possible launch date for the expected RX 7800 XT, which is expected for late Q3 (of july to september) at the beginning of Q4, that is, October.

Now we are going to talk about the price, a factor of great importance and that will indicate the success or failure of this new GPU. Unfortunately it is indicated that the price will end up being higher than expected, since AMD plans to sell the RX 7800 XT for the same price as an RTX 4070. This would imply an official sale price of $599which would end up being more than 600 euro here.

The RX 7800 XT has similar performance to the RTX 4070


The price is not ideal, but as always, we will first have to analyze the performance and see if the relationship between the two is interesting. After all, the power / price ratio is the most important thing, because if it costs like an RTX 4070 but performs more than it, things change. Well, regarding the performance of the RX 7800 XT, it is known that the GPU running at 2600MHz and consuming 275W, get 19,000 points. The truth is that the specific benchmark to which said score belongs is not indicated, but the harsh reality is revealed.

This RX 7800 XT prototype would have a very similar performance to the RTX 4070, with some differences between the two graphics of the 5 to 10%. Seen this way, we see that the expected price of $599 will be too high for what it offers. In fact, having seen the performance and price of the RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT, we see no reason for the RX 7800 XT to be a worthy successor, at least given these leaks. We will see if AMD makes the same mistake as the RX 7600 again and at least that way, they will be forced to drop the price of the 7800 XT to get more sales.

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