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Relive Trek to Yomi’s journey on Nintendo Switch next week

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If you are fans of the seventh art, it is very possible that you have heard of or have seen The Seven Samurai, Rashomon, Harakiri!, or some other film by the great master Akira Kurosawa, or any other starring the immoral Toshiro Mifune. The narrative style of Japanese cinema has a unique tempo, which many have tried to transfer to the narrative of video games, with greater or lesser success. But if there is a project that, in addition to achieving it, must be recognized for not having an exorbitant budget behind it, that is Trek to Yomi.

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With a black and white visual style, Trek to Yomi is a compelling story of love, duty, and death in which the lone swordsman Hiroki seeks to honor a promise made to his dying master and protect the people he loves. And although it is already available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, next week it will also be added to the Nintendo Switch catalog. Specifically, the January 30th.

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With a combat style that alternates between attack and defense and the precision of the movements, Trek ti Yomi is a title recommended for any lover of samurai stories.

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Trek to YomiTrek to Yomi