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Remedy confirms that Control 2 ‘is progressing well’ in its development

Remedy Entertainment is currently developing multiple video game projects. In addition to alan wake 2whose premiere is scheduled for this year, the developer is working on two new titles from the universe of Control: a direct sequel, control 2and an independent title focused on the multiplayer experiencewhich has been baptized with the code name of Codename Condor. Both projects were announced in November of last year and, although we have not yet been able to see them in motion, the study has confirmed in a quarterly fiscal report that their development is proceeding smoothly.


control 2which moved into the proof of concept phase in January, is progressing well,” said Tero Virtala, CEO of Remedy Entertainment. “During the first quarter, the development team focused on world building and gameplay mechanics. In addition, we have been developing the visual objective of the game.”

Codename Condora cooperative multiplayer game in the world of Controlhas continued its steady progress in the proof of concept phase”, he added “We have found new ways to use existing assets and locations from the world of Control original. Codename CondorWith control 2expand the brand Controlwhich will be one of the cornerstones of Remedy in the coming years,” the study manager concluded in the report.


What did we say at the time about Control?

“The best that can be said of Control is that it is Remedy in its purest form: an adventure with a very elaborate story and some fun shootings, which on this occasion are framed in a less linear structure and where exploration takes on a leading role, something that adds a touch of freshness compared to its previous games”, we tell you in our analysis. Do not forget that you always have our complete guide at your disposal.

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