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Remnant 2: The 11 best amulets with location and what they bring you

remnant 2: the 11 best amulets with location and what

Remnant 2 has a huge collection full of amulets for you to wear. Not only do they look unique, but they also bring you powerful advantages on your travels. We show you the best amulets with location and explain why they are so good.

What are amulets in Remnant 2? In Remnant 2 you can dress your hero in an amulet. Each amulet looks unique and also has powerful bonuses. However, depending on your build and playstyle, the amulets you need will differ. Some give you more damage, while others increase your payload.


In our overview we now show you 11 amulets that are useful for every build. They are strong, useful and often even necessary if you aim for higher levels of difficulty.

In our list we have so far used the English names of the amulets. As soon as the German version is known, we will translate the names.


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Ankh of Power

Remnant 2 Ankh of Power

Why is this amulet so good? This ankh pendant increases your overall damage by 15%. If you consume a relic, the bonus is even doubled for 15 seconds.

Where can I find the amulet? You can find the amulet on the soil of seed in the area Unland of Ash. In the second small checkpoint you now go up the stairs in the alternative version of Ford’s base. Now go into the last room on the right. You will find the amulet on the ground.


Broken pocket watch

Remnant 2 Broken Pocket Watch

Why is this amulet so good? Your stamina regeneration is increased by 25 and the cost of your stamina is reduced by 50%. It’s worth it if you often have to dodge or are in close combat.

Where can I find the amulet? Can be purchased from Cass in Ward 13 for 1000 Scrap.

You can find the next three amulets on the second page of our overview.