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Research Mysterious skins in Pokemon GO: Tasks, missions and rewards

from this very morning start in Pokemon GO the long-awaited great Halloween 2022 event, both in USA and around the world (which we remember will be divided into two parts). this new event temporary includes, among other innovations, new special research tasks that players can complete to win rewards nicas. If you don’t want to miss it, then we tell how to complete them.

Requirements to activate the Halloween 2022 investigation ‘Mysterious Masks’

Pokemon GO Halloween 2022 Special Research starts to be available from this October 20 2022 at 10:00 local time and receives the title of mysterious masks. In order to unlock this investigation in our diary we simply have to meet the following mandatory requirement:

  • This temporary research is only available to Trainers who log in to the game between the days October 20 and November 1, 2022.
  • Remember that once the investigation is activated you have a deadline until November 1 at 10:00 a.m. to complete all the tasks.

All Mysterious Masks research tasks and rewards

Here below we show you all the special investigation tasks of Mysterious Masks that you can complete as part of the Halloween 2022 event and the rewards What do you get for doing them?

Mysterious Masks research is made up of 4 phases in total with the following tasks:

Phase 1/4

  • Catch 40 Ghost-type Pokemon: 1313 Stardust.
  • Make 9 curve ball throws: I meet Yamask.
  • Make 49 good shots: 9 Ultraball.

Stage rewards: Galar Yamask encounter, 4900 XP, and 490 Stardust.

Phase 2/4

  • Catch 40 Ghost-type Pokemon: 1313 Stardust.
  • Get 9 hearts with your partner: I meet Yamask.
  • Send 13 gifts to friends: 40 Superball.

Stage rewards: Galar Yamask encounter, 4900 XP, and 490 Stardust.

Phase 3/4

  • Catch 40 Ghost-type Pokemon: 1313 Stardust.
  • Catch 9 different species of Ghost-type Pokemon: I meet Yamask.
  • Use 49 berries to help you catch Pokemon: 49 Pok Balls.

Stage rewards: Galar Yamask encounter, 4900 XP, and 490 Stardust.

Phase 4/4

  • Collect Reward: 49 XP.
  • Collect Reward: 490 XP.
  • Collect Reward: 4900 XP.

Stage rewards: Galarian Yamask encounter, 49 Yamask Candy, and 490 Stardust.

Paid Halloween Temporary Research

In addition to the Mysterious Masks research that is available for free to all players around the world, during the Halloween event we can also buy a ticket for one exclusive temporary research related to the event. This investigation as well as the other can only be completed from the October 20 to November 1 (at the latest until 10:00 local time).

Here below we show you all tasks and rewards of the temporary investigation payment Halloween 2022:

Phase 1/4

  • Walk 2 km: encounter with Spinarak.
  • Catch 10 Pokemon: I meet Joltik.
  • Catch 7 Ghost-type Pokemon: encounter with Dewpider.

Stage Rewards: Ariados encounter and 1 Incense.

Phase 2/4

  • Walk 2 km: meeting with Zubat.
  • Transfer 10 Pokemon: I meet Woobat.
  • Catch 10 Ghost-type Pokemon: I meet Gligar.

Stage rewards: Golbat encounter and 1 Incubator.

Phase 3/4

  • Walk 2 km: I meet Purrloin.
  • Send 7 gifts to friends: I meet Little.
  • Catch 10 Ghost-type Pokemon: meeting with Sneasel.

Stage rewards: Umbreon encounter and 1 Incubator.

Phase 4/4

  • Hatch 1 Egg: Pokemon encounter.
  • Make 9 curve ball throws: Pokemon encounter.
  • Catch 15 Ghost-type Pokemon: Pokemon encounter.

Stage rewards: Pokemon encounter and Halloween Pose for avatar.

Pokemon GOis available free for Android and iOS since 2016. If you want to know more details of the title, you can consult our complete guide with tips and tricks.



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