Reserve Gylt at GAME and get an exclusive pin; You will also find the collector’s edition

Tom Henry

reserve gylt at game and get an exclusive pin; you

Offered by GAME USA.

Fantasy and reality mix in a surreal place where your nightmares come to life. In gylt you will have to use stealth and strategy to escape your worst fears! It is an incredible and original horror and stealth game where its artistic section, gameplay and soundtrack will captivate you completely, you can’t miss it!

In addition, only by reserving gylt in GAME you will be able to take a spectacular game-exclusive PIN, and which illustrates a “wanted” poster of the protagonist, Emily Kauffman. You will be blown away by how precious it is!

Finally, remember that in GAME you will also be able to get the spectacular COLLECTOR’S EDITION of gyltand which includes the following content:

  • Game gylt (available for PS5 or PS4).
  • Sheet of Stickers.
  • Summer Booklet.
  • Sally pin.
  • Bethelwood card holder.
  • Cable car ticket.
  • Salon Arcade Business Card.
  • Sally’s Student ID.
  • A3 Double-Sided Poster: Wanted and Main Art.
  • Flashlight (AAA batteries not included).
  • Collector’s Box with Backpack design.

So now you know! Do not miss out on this beautiful exclusive GAME PIN as a gift and book now gylt in their standard or collector’s editions loaded with extra content, on sale next September 29!

gylt res

Shape your fears… Fear the shapes

Delve into a disturbing story that mixes fantasy and reality in a surreal place where your nightmares come to life. After being chased by bullies, Sally finds herself dragged into a twisted version of his city where his fears and his darkest memories present themselves to him in a twisted and very real way.

In this horror adventure game set in a spooky and gloomy world, you will have to hide from terrible creatures or face them as you find your way through the challenges of this wicked world.

gylt res

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