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Resident Evil 2, one of the best survival horror in history, turns 25


Resident Evil 2, one of the best survival horror in history, turns 25

Yesterday, January 21, the 25th anniversary of the launch of the direct sequel to resident Evil, a title that as you well know helped lay the foundations of the survival horror genre. This second adventure starring Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield surprised players by introducing two campaigns that intersected at various points and that presented different scenarios with situations that could vary depending on the decisions we made, in addition to a superb setting that excellently recreated a Raccoon City infested by zombies despite the technical limitations of PlayStation.

“25 years ago today resident evil 2 took survival horror to a new level. Thanks to all the fans who have enjoyed RE2 throughout the years, from newbies to survival horror veterans”, we can read in an official statement from Capcom.

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shinji mikamicreator of the saga and director of the first game, handed over the directing baton to Hideki Kamiya and held the position of producer of the project. resident evil 2 retained both the gameplay and oppressive atmosphere of the original, though it did manage to introduce new creatureseach one more fearsome than the previous one, and keep the players in constant tension thanks to its overwhelming soundtrack, which continues to be one of the most remembered in the series to this day.

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The remake perfectly revived the classic

At the end of January 2019 it arrived on the market Resident Evil 2 Remakean update of the classic that updated its game mechanics quite judiciously without neglecting its approach as survival game to successfully replicate the feeling of helplessness in the player. In addition, the remake He dared to expand most of the scenarios and offered some minor changes to surprise veteran players, being in general terms a title that perfectly exemplifies how a classic should be brought back.

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