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Resident Evil 4 is the first remake of the saga to outsell the original at launch

Resident Evil 4 Remake debuted strongly, at least in the United Kingdom: according to sales data Shared by, the new installment of Capcom’s horror saga has become the eighth best launch of the entire franchise. As if that were not enough, the figures show that the remake has sold 29% more than the original game at its launch, and that is only counting the physical units of PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PS4 (although on PC it has also been released with audience success on Steam).

These figures are even more impressive when we see that the remake of resident evil 4 has been the only one remake of the saga that has outsold the original game at its release. However, it is curious to note that this new installment has sold less than the last two games of the franchise: the remake has sold 23% less than Resident Evil 8: Village and 38% that Resident Evil 2 Remake in their respective premieres, although it has surpassed the sales of Resident Evil 3 Remake by 38%.


Finally, another piece of information: of all the physical sales of Resident Evil 4 Remake, 73% have been from the PS5 version. 14% correspond to the Xbox version and the remaining 13% to the PS4 version.

Worth Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Resident Evil 4 Remake They premiere on March 24. In vandal We have played it to tell you in our analysis that it is “one of the best, most intense and most varied action adventures that we have been able to enjoy in recent years. A title that does not allow us to get bored for a single second and that does not stop delighting us with new situations and exquisitely designed combats and full of possibilities”.


In addition, we have a guide that we recommend you have on hand if you plan to delve into Leon’s macabre adventure through USA.

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