Resident Evil 4 Remake confirms that it will not have Quick Time Events

The remake of resident evil 4 of Capcom is the cover story for Game Informer magazine and received a trailer showing off new gameplay and what Luis Sera looks like. The magazine features 12 pages of new details, which ResetEra moderator JawMuncher has collected here. You can also check out some new screenshots and see what the mysterious merchant looks like.

At first, Capcom did not want to remake the game. Rather than start from scratch, he decided to “dial things down to 11,” emphasizing replay value and flexibility as key pillars. Quick Time Events will no longer be available and players can now carry multiple knives. You can even beat the game using only knives.

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The yellow herbs are also confirmed, although the classic laser sight is an upgrade. Some new mechanics include ground executions to prevent the Plagues from spawning and using R3 to issue commands to Ashley. Although she won’t stay in one place, she can be asked to either follow Leon closely or fall back.

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Hiding is no longer an option as there are no dumpsters or hiding places. Ashley doesn’t have a health bar, but she can go down after taking too much damage. She will have to be revived in this state, but if enemies attack, she can die.

The Bolt Thrower is a new weapon and seems to work like a crossbow, while a new type of enemy appears, wearing a bull mask and using a hammer. Other new enemies have been the subject of sneak peeks, though no details were provided. Side quests are also available, ranging from quest quests to puzzles. Another nice change is that the attached caches have advantages, such as higher ammo drops, so there may be benefits to opting for one over the other. Finally, in the cabin siege section, you can set up barricades like in the remake of resident evil 2.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out on March 24 for Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

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