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Resident Evil 4: The Remake gets rid of one of the original’s most annoying mechanics

Leon S Kennedy also has to save the president's daughter in the remake.  But that will probably be a lot easier than in the original.

Leon S Kennedy also has to save the president’s daughter in the remake. But that will probably be a lot easier than in the original.

One of the most popular survival horror titles of all time returns to screens in March with Resident Evil 4 Remake. In the new edition, Capcom will not only carry out the obligatory optical rejuvenation, but also playfully port Resident Evil 4 into the current time. A few of these adjustments were already known, now thanks to a comprehensive article by Gameinformer there is some more information about them.

Among other things, the new edition will do without the quick-time events, which in the original often degenerated into trial and error and thus caused frustration for many players. There should also be new enemy types and side missions as well as a crossbow that Leon S. Kennedy was also unable to use in the template.

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But not only the QTEs should ensure less frustration, the rescue of the president’s daughter Ashley – Leon’s actual mission in the Ganados-infested USAprovince – is apparently made significantly easier. Good thing, because saving the blond girl was by far one of the most frustrating mechanics of the original.

Neck knife instead of gun frustration

Then: Once the Ganados dragged Ashley away, rescuing her was possible, but using a gun was almost mandatory. If there was no particular precision and Ashley was only hit lightly, a fat game-over was immediately emblazoned on the screen. And that could happen more often in the heat of battles in the game.


In the remake, this is obviously solved much better. Because, as a short video on Twitter shows, Leon can now run to the Ashley-shouldering meanies and ram a knife in their necks with the push of a button, which of course massively reduces the risk of injury for the president’s daughter.

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In addition, Leon will be able to reach all inventory weapons much faster than in the original game via a quick selection. So it looks as if we can expect not only a much prettier, but also much more comfortable Resident Evil 4 in March.

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More about the Resident Evil 4 remake at

Resident Evil 4 Remake - New trailer shows the strong technology of the new edition



Resident Evil 4 Remake – New trailer shows the strong technology of the new edition

The release of the Resident Evil 4 Remake is scheduled for March 24, 2023 for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and the PC. Even if the title is of course strongly based on the template, the title is modernized in many ways – more than other current remakes like Dead Space. By the way, if you’re worried that the remake will be shorter than the original, rest assured: Capcom has already confirmed that this won’t be the case and that Resident Evil 4 Remake will last as long as Resident Evil 4.