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Resident Evil 4 will have its own Majini; this is the Minotaur, a new enemy that won’t let us breathe | we are xbox

He new Resident Evil 4 gameplay has not left anyone indifferent. The game, which is scheduled to be released in March of this year, promises to respect the original material but introduce new playable elements that are more attractive to current users. Such is the case of the “quick time events”, which were quite heavy at the time and will barely have a place in this installment. Luckily, Ashley also has a facelift, contributing more to the gameplay and her collaboration being necessary in some sections of the game. But of all the enemies that we have seen, including Don José or the dogs, without a doubt the one that has attracted the most attention has been El Bruto.


The Brute, also called the Minotaur by the game’s art director, Hirofumi Nakaoka, will be one of the new enemies in Resident Evil 4. With a desEsports Extrasthat reminds us of the Piggsy from Manhunt (2003) or classic horror movie enemies like leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974) or the thieves in You’re Next (2013), El Bruto has a cow’s head, a human body and wields a huge hammer, reminding us of the Urias from Resident Evil Village (2021) and the unforgettable Executioner Majini from Resident Evil 5 (2009).

Resident Evil 4 will have its own Majini;  this is the Minotaur, a new enemy that will not let us breathe 50

The Brute is inevitably reminiscent of Piggsy (Manhunt), Executioner Majini (Resident Evil 5) and villains like Leatherface.

Resident Evil 4 will have its own Majini; This is the Minotaur, a new enemy that won’t let us breathe:

According to the Art Director, El Bruto was created practically finished resident evil 4, with the idea of ​​incorporating an enemy that would be stronger and more difficult to defeat. On the other hand, although his appearance may surprise, the truth is that Nakaoka himself comments that there are several “animalized” enemies that we will meet in the story, so The Brute is not a stranger between Cattle and Fangs.

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Nor is it the first time that Resident Evil has iconographies of animal heads; without going any further, the Resident Evil Village It was decorated with hanging goat heads, since the villagers considered that this animal protected the village and served as a source of worship and sacrifice for Mother Miranda. Also, if you look for reference, the goats are the collectible element of the game.

The Brute also enhances the religious symbology that Resident Evil 4 enjoys and personified mainly in the sect of Los Illuminados. In its origin, the Minotaur is a monster from Greek mythology locked in the labyrinth of Daedalus to control it, given its wild and bloodthirsty nature, until the hero Theseus manages to defeat it. But he is also represented in demonology with the Demon Morax, whose physical representation is very similar to that of the original creature.

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However, the designers of Resident Evil 4 have wanted to give it a somewhat different approach, bringing it much closer to Piggsy from Manhunt. In the Rockstar title, Piggsy is an enemy we meet in prison, wearing a pig mask and trying to chase us with his chainsaw so we can star in the next movie. snuff that is going to roll

Resident Evil 4 will have its own Majini;  this is the Minotaur, a new enemy that will not let us breathe 51

“Theseus victorious over the Minotaur” (Charles Édouard Chaise. 1791).

“In most games, cow-headed animals are probably like minotaurs; cow-headed creatures. But this character has had his head put on top of his or maybe he put it on himself. We designed it with that idea in mind.

That’s why when you fight him, the head doesn’t face the player, but moves from side to side. His eyes don’t look at anything either, because he’s wearing the head of a dead cow. (…) We created him as an alienated villager, strengthened thanks to the parasite and with a cow’s head on ».