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Resident Evil 5 Remake underway? Teppen sparks rumors among fans | we are xbox

Since the confirmation arrival of Resident Evil 4 Remake, fans have not stopped wondering what the next great remake of the saga will be. The spectacular results that Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 have left, as well as those that Resident Evil 4 will most likely obtain, make it inevitable to think that Capcom will already be working on the next remake of the game. As has been discussed for some time, Capcom would be focusing the saga on three lines: the continuist line, whose next installment would be Resident Evil 9, the remake line, and the spin-off line, with the rumored Resident Evil Revelations 3 or Resident Evil Outbreak Remake.


What is clear is that Capcom is not going to miss the opportunity to bring the old installments to the new generations of players, so the question is what will be the next great Capcom remake. Although many bet on Resident Evil 1, because it is the installment with which it all started and because of how incredible it would be to enjoy the Spencer Mansion in this generation, it is possible that the award would go to them. take Resident Evil 5 Remakejudging by the new Teppen update.

Resident Evil 5 Remake underway?  Teppen sparks rumors among fans 45

The new Teppen update triggers the rumors of Resident Evil 5 Remake.

Resident Evil 5 Remake underway? Teppen sparks rumors among fans:

For those of you who don’t know him, teppen is a popular online card game that spans many Capcom IPs. We can not only enjoy characters from Resident Evil, but also from Street Fighter, *text muted* May Cry, Phoenix Wright or Darkstalkers, to give a few examples. But Teppen also hides a lot of secrets, because it’s not strange that Capcom takes advantage of game updates, with new characters or character skins, to pave the way for important announcements in their franchises.


The above is not an isolated case. For example, when it comes to Resident Evil, Teppen featured a lot of content from the original Resident Evil 3, which arrived before the remake was announced. And the same thing happened with Resident Evil 4, since the card game unexpectedly added Ada Wong, in her original Resident Evil 4 skin, time before the arrival of the remake was made official. And now it’s her turn to Resident Evil 5, since the new Teppen update will include these new cards:

Perhaps this is coincidence, but given Capcom’s previous moves and the success of the remakes, we wouldn’t be surprised if Resident Evil 5 was next. To like?

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