Resident Evil increases the minimum requirements on PC after its next gen patches, stopping it from working on some computers

Resident Evil and especially Capcom They are living a plethoric time that the video game has rarely seen. Since 2017, with that Resident Evil 7, the Japanese have not taken a wrong step and the company has eaten the market with 2 clearly differentiated lines of development: remakes Y new releases.

The arrival of the update patches for Resident Evil 7, 2 and 3 has been expected, but their release has made frown of more than one player. The reason? this update overlay the new datas and removes any traces of those from the base game and, in many cases, causing many mods are incompatible.

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Put like that, this is the least of our problems, after all, we are talking about mods that do not have much importance within the game. However, things get complicated when we realize that Capcom has changed the requirements minimum and recommended of the 3 games on Steam —in Resident Evil 3 they have increased— and restricting their use to DirectX 12 exclusively.

This implies that Capcom has removed support for Windows 7 and 8, something operating systems that until yesterday could run any of these games. In fact, if we look at Steam’s hardware and software survey, Windows 7 remains the third most used platform among PC gamers, which makes inaccessible any of these games for that community of players.

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It should be noted that the use of DirectX 12 is somewhat prohibitive on some computers. Although its implementation is a standard in many modern systems, the Microsoft API does not get along especially well with somewhat older components, preventing, of course, that works from effective way any of these Resident Evil on these computers.

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But is there a chance avoid this update? The truth is that yes, but with a few buts. If we download the game today, it will be installed with the patch without being able to do anything to avoid it. However, if we already have it in our system and we have not updated, it will suffice to deactivate the Automatic Updates in the Steam properties for each game and make sure it never gets installed.