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Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City will apparently have a sequel

resident evil welcome to raccoon city will apparently have a

According to local reports, Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City is getting a sequel, which will be named after the 2007 game The Umbrella Chronicles. As Capcom’s horror game series sees another resurgence thanks to Resident Evil 4, and we also look forward to the CGI movie Death Island, the Welcome to Raccoon City sequel will apparently be filming in the same locations as the original film.

The city of Sudbury in Ontario, Canada, served as a double for Raccoon City in the 2021 film. Typically depicted as a bustling metropolis, WTRC reimagined the city in the decaying, post-industrial Midwest as a ghost town, where the T-virus could spread out of control due to poor living conditions and an apathetic local government. It worked out well, so much so that the Resident Evil series is apparently returning to Sudbury for the new movie.


According to the report, the production company in charge of Umbrella Chronicles is called “Raccoon HG Film Productions“. The project is apparently receiving a local grant of around $2 million Canadian dollarsalthough No details are available about the start of filming, the actors, the directors, or whether it will follow the Umbrella Chronicles in-game stories and vignettes.